Raketenautomat at 8.0 While M50 at 6.7?

So the Raketenautomat used to be at 7.7 but since the last BR decompression it has gone up to 8.0, while its most similar counterpart, the American M50, sits at 6.7.

-Both have no stabilizers.
-Both have similar speed
-Both use HEAT Anti-Tank grenade rounds.
-Raketenautomat rounds are 300 kph faster than M50 rounds, but have 100mm less penetration.
-Both play pretty much the same role, but one sits at 8.0 and the other is at 6.7

That is more than two battle rating brackets of difference for a couple of vehicles that are quite similar. Is there any logical explanation for this?

I think Raketenautomat should go back to 7.7 since Germany has only 2 ground vehicles at 7.7 and has 5 sitting at 8.0, all of which are quite capable. Having 4 at 8.0 won’t change anything and will complete the German 7.7 line-up with at least 3 nice vehicles.

You forgot Raketen has double the amount of ammunition.


Still, do you think that’s worth the two battle rating brackets difference? I think one is just enough, plus it will complete the 7.7 German line-up, which right now is quite poor.

Well there’s also the fact that the M50 has offset between every cannon, meaning point of aim will be significantly different for each shot


Well, facing the Raketenautomat scares the crap out of me - it’s freaking dangerous.
The M50… not so much.


I think so yeah.
Also, what other poster said already, M50 is difficult to aim because of it’s poor velocity and the fact it has multiple barrels, meaning lining up a shot can get tricky.

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Yeah, and the M50 has scouting for getting an easy CAS spawn and a nice gun depression for hiding behind hills so it can engage easily at the right time.

Raketenautomat has waaaay better muzzle velocity, 360 turret rotation, better mobility, better survivability, better aiming, better sustained fire, better flexibility in spending ammunition on targets and has the ability to shoot either one or two rockets depending on your desire.

The Ontos has never broken the 6.7 bracket whereas Raketenautomat was absurdly overpowered at 7.7, still being a very capable vehicle at 8.0.
This leaves us with no reason to move the Ontos up whereas the Raketenautomat can either stay at it’s current BR or move even higher.

I don’t really see the comparison between the two in the first place, they are wildly different vehicles.


Doesn’t Raketen have -10 degrees of gun depression ?

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