RAF Spitfires and a Decal available for Battle of Britain Day

On September 15th 1940, a decisive battle of the Battle of Britain took place over the skies of London, with the defenders being victorious. After this defeat, Germany reconsidered its plans for an invasion and instead began nightly bombings of the defiant island nation of Britain.

Plagis’ Spitfire LF Mk.IXc and Prendergast’s Spitfire FR Mk.XIVe are temporarily available for Golden Eagles

When: From September 15th (12:00 GMT) until September 18th (12:00 GMT).


Prendergast's Spitfire FR Mk.XIVe


Plagis' Spitfire LF Mk IXc

About the aircraft

  • Plagis' Spitfire LF Mk IXc is the perfect all-around fighter aircraft in and around rank IV. This Spitfire variant has a fantastic climb rate, capable of reaching high altitudes before any enemy presence is felt. With excellent maneuverability, this Spitfire certainly packs the punch against any other aircraft at this rank.
  • Prendergast’s Spitfire FR Mk.XIVe is great at boom ‘n’ zoom attacks, thanks to its ability to rapidly climb, and impressive speed!

“Battle for Britain” decal to celebrate Battle of Britain Day!

To celebrate, we’ve also got a special decal to commemorate this day.

When: From September 15th (12:00 GMT) until September 18th (12:00 GMT).

Task: Play 3 battles using British aircraft to receive the “Battle for Britain” decal.

Additional details:

  • You must use a minimum of rank III.
  • Your activity must not be below 70%.
  • You can complete the task in random battles, except for Enduring Confrontation missions, [Assault] mode and Helicopter PVE battles.
  • Track your progress in the hangar by clicking Nickname → Achievements → Holidays → Battle of Britain Day.
  • You can find the decal in the “Battle for Britain” tab in the Customisation menu.

Do you think that commemorating a historical event with a decal that you can only get by flying planes of a higher rank and later vintage than any that actually participated in that historical event you’re commemorating is a good idea? Just asking.

I miss the historical battles you used to do just on this one weekend for this event. Spitfire vs 109E was a good dogfight.


The ingame achievement doesn’t specify a minimum rank like they usually do. Just says finish with air vehicles and 70%+ activity while playing Britain.
The rank 3 part in the news post might just be copy & paste from a previous mini event.
Will try it rank 2 let you know

Ed:- Rank 2 planes do work
I assume rank 1 probably does as well


Thank you for the decal, however It’s been 200 years since there was an island nation of Britain. It beggars belief, that you still refer to the United Kingdom as Great Britain in game.

I mean, the name of the holiday is “Battle of Britain Day”. Maybe you need to take it up with the historians?

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Are you a native English speaker? The name of the battle isn’t in question.

In case you’re not, the problematic statement is ‘nightly bombings of the defiant island nation of Britain.’

or on the steam post

‘nightly bombings of the defiant island nation of Graet Britain’

You are criticizing the use of the word “Britain” in an article on the Battle of Britain… so… good luck with that?

(Bored now, going back to watching my old episodes of “Britain’s Got Talent”.)

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Well I knew you wouldn’t be reading a book.

Nah, I prefer the newspapers. Telegraph for instance:

"Britons not Britishers or Brits except in quotations, Great Britain includes England, Scotland and Wales.

Normally write about Britain or, when there is an Irish angle to the story, to mainland Britain. The United Kingdom or the abbreviation UK is to be avoided whether as a noun or an adjective unless the story has a specific relevance to Northern Ireland that would make the use of “Britain” or “British” wrong."

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Cheers Tam

Did the British fight the United Kingdom or something?..Or did gaijin just forget that the Germans & Italians were also participants in this battle? They should have received something special as well

Yes, the island is Great Britain, the group of islands is the British Isles. The United Kingdom being the countries within the Isles under one rule.

It is bound to be confusing.

My dude, hell is sooner to be proven to exist than Gaijin giving decals for Fascist countries participating in anything, lol.

Both unfeasible, but one more than other.

-play 3 battles using British aircraft
-rank III
-activity 70%

-win 3 battles using British aircraft
-rank III
-activity 70%

-play 3 battles and finish the battle in British aircraft
-rank not specified
-activity 70%

How hard it is to copy-paste 3 lines of text so that we don’t have 3 different sets of conditions for one event???


Nice decal.

Shame that Gaijin didn’t choose to celebrate and honour the pilots by representing the Mosquito properly though.

One might wonder what those of the few who moved on to the type would think of your modelling. I do hope they wouldn’t be insulted though suspect it would be close.

+1 In fact i would like to see such events.

What i still don’t understand is why nobody talks about the real decisive factors in this battle:

  1. US provided high octane fuel - giving the Merlin up to 30% more power
  2. Lots of foreign pilots of defeated countries filled the gaps

Without the US fuel (100 instead of local 87) the Spits were clapped over France and the masses of well trained foreign pilots replaced wounded or killed fighter pilots. So without both facts the story might have ended differently…