Radfkampfwagen 90 has no chance at 9.7

It badly lacks thermal viewers, which all other light fast movers have at this BR bracket have. Most other wheeled tanks have much lower BRs, despite they’re faster, have more suitable turret traverse, have gadgets like LWS and thermal viewers, which make them very good on open map flanking operations.

Especially without thermals you have a massive spotting malus and usually get shot by other wheeled tanks before you even spot them. So why this high BR of 9.7? I mean Freccia with SPIKE (!!!) ATGMs is just 0.3 BR higher?

Whats the secret of the RKW90 in comparision to japanese, swedish, chinese, itialian, GB wheeled tanks…that it desevers such a special BR?


makes no sense how this is at 9.7 but the chinese tanks like the PTL and WMA are at 9.0 and they get thermals


It’s quite easy actually

26.9hp/t vs 16.8hp/t

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t-72b does not have thermals yet sits at 10.0

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it has armour, a great gun and a smol profile.
plus it plays on russian teams


And japan gets type 16, britain gets rooikat mk1 at 8.3 (it has weaker APFSDS and no thermals) and also rooikat MTTD which has an autoloader and the best gun depression out of the gun trucks, and france gets the AMX10RC at 8.3 for some reason.
All of these are tougher, faster and have better turrets than PTL02 by the way
It’s like gaijin just throws some dice when deciding where these vehicles should go, another good example would be the new CTCV at 10.0 probably just because of the autoloader since it doesn’t really have other notable strengths

i dont care about speed when thermals are literally getting people kills.


Most maps are a claustrophobic street fight and night battles are gone. Where’s the sympathy for the VFM5 or 2S25 that are a similar BR, none of the speed, no immunity to small arms fire nor Therms

The T-72B should be 10.3 its is just another under tiered russian tank that has armor virtually no other tank in its BR range can penetrate, and like every other Russian vehicle in this game gets gaijin special treatment and has been for the past 5+ years. Whether its Additional Ammo with no uptiers, or an entirely different armor package, with no uptiers. Any other nation gets better ammo, they receive a 0.7 or a full 1.0+ or 2.0+ BR increase.

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try aiming , it’s not like the 72B has the 40/40deg sec gun handling of the B3/BVM nor is it as mobile as anything around the tier

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But this is just a straight lie. Type 74 from 9.0 can penetrate it literally in the CoM and in quite in the good part of frontal turret armor.
So 72b can be penetrated frontally by quite enough tanks. And yeah, they need to aim. So whats the problem, specially when 72b is have quite poor mobility and shit gun handling

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Thats quite false. Compared to any other tank of any other nation it doesnt get reverse speed, commander aiming, thermals, loses in reload speed, speed in general as well as aiming speed in all regards. Armour isnt so good as you think it is. There is the turret ring, driver’s hatch, lower frontal plate and middle between upper and lower. And no, aiming for weakspots is pretty normal for all BR and tiers and isnt prior to some nation.

I suggest of lowering it to 8.7 for AB, and 9.0 for RB and SB. Also it uses stock HEAT ammunition instead of APDS or APFSDS.

Bro a leopard 1 can kill t-80bvm frontally all soviet tanks have the same obvious weakspot, just shoot lower plate, at least abrams lower plate can resist lower tier stuff

You think this thing should be the same BR as the Leopard A1A1 and Type 74?🤨

No clue why it’s so high, it’s not equal to other things at the BR, compared to the new CT-CV it’s outclassed in every category but armor pretty much, and it’s nice to have some protection, it doesn’t make it equal.

When I test drive this tank, it only uses stock HEAT ammunition. It would struggle with tanks such as T-72s, T-80s, Chieftains, Challengers, Leclercs, Abrams and much more.

It uses HEAT ammunition in test drive as you havent yet unlocked any better rounds. If you want to see real performance of the rounds before you unlocked them you have to look at its specifications in the “Modifications” tab. This is where you will see it gets DM-33. It’s pretty capable shell.

Have fun, you people keep talking about gun handling and mobility when the first shot is most likely not going to blow up your tank in the first place, yet the 3bm 42 round will 1 hit k.0 everything tank in its br range.

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Your shot disabled bot turret ring and driver. He is pretty much dead, lol.