RADAR & Radar Missiles

Can we take a quick moment to appreciate the amazing work that has gone into radar & radar missiles for the Air Superiority update(sarcasm)?

I am really tired of my missiles randomly doing a 180 narnia.

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It is all missles doing this tbh. Sparrows, Skyflashes,Super TEMPs, R-24Rs, even R-27ERs do this.


Ye I have a community of 300+ people on discord and we put it to the test.

Only planes that people did not report problem on was the SU27 and M23ML (yet). But this has been issue for weeks now.

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At ML my 24Rs started to fly upward or completely elsewhere than target few days ago, before that it was fine.


Supposedly changes were reverted on the 29th Dec 2023, yet we are still to see the change in game.

I have a feeling that we were lied too with this patch note - Server Update 29.12.2023 - Updates - Game - War Thunder

I think there is a change in the seeker of the missile itself, they have a hard time tracking a target flying away from them…

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Ah i thought this was a skill issue on my part, rb-71s have been climbing in to space and then imploding for no discernible reason

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Another example of a nothing in the sky