Radar missile spaa useless with new chaff, flares, countermeasures

I play the flarakrad and its radar is unable to lock onto helis if they flare or chaff. I use both regular and irst search modes. Whenever countermeasures are deployed, my radar will lock onto them instead of the heli and will follow the countermeasure until it is no longer visible. Before the spaa update, countermeasures can only slightly affect radar lock. I was able to maintain decent lock despite numerous countermeasures. Now, I can’t even lock onto helis. The nerf to vikhrs don’t do jack shit if I can’t even lock onto ka50s in the first place. Please change it so spaas can do their job.

I have seen this too but i rarely never use radar lock, i use manual control the whole time and guide it myself which is for me way better then relying on the radar and computer to do the job, i strongly suggest trying it out for the time beeing if it feels better.
I understand some cases to be uniqe and work better for radar/automatic guidence but i found most cases to work better in manual mode :) .
Beside this one it would be nice if they made the radars work differently for each manufacturer, for instance the Swedish radar system after the 90’s and 2000’s disregards most chaffs and countermeasures, they are really good and so are other radars such as, in example, the French with more, so the higher up it goes in BR the better they should get by detecting and with lock-ons.