Radar Guided missiles against aircraft that can't counter them

Yes gaijin I love facing radar guided missiles in a J35D that has no RWR or countermeasures in constant uptiers. It makes me want to become an alcoholic just spading.

If we only got the damn J35F-1 or J35J that had Falcons Radar guided…

The J35D doesnt belong at 10.3 despite what people say. I say 10.0 the most cause at least it won’t be facing mig-27s, mig-23mla, mirage f1s, or certain variants of the f4 that can out range it.

Edit: Meant Mig-23MLD not Mig-27

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I love playing Yak-38 against aircraft with heat and radar guided missiles with no countermeasures or being able to maneuver…😂

I mean, for the actually dangerous radar missiles, its not like the countermeasures will save you.

And they have the same antidote as every radar missiles. Fly low and eat grass. Its why unless i have an excess of countermeasures i just dont use chaff.

This also applies at top tier.

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If you know your head on a swivel and see the smoke trail crank 90 degrees or 180 degrees from the missile

ah yes i can see the smoke trail from 8-10km away

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Tech tree Draken is one of my favs, it takes a bit of getting used to but it’s a very very strong aircraft.

If you have problems with head on engagements due to radar guided missiles, you can try firing your own missile as a decoy. If the problem is radar missiles from behind, those can be notched or baited into the ground.

If you survived the grind up to Draken you should be enjoying yourself now.

Kinda if it’s a clear map, for instance the r24r can’t be luanched until 10 clicks

MiG-27 can’t outrange the Draken

it doesn’t even have a radar

My bad thinking of the Mig-23MLD not the 27

Even in lower BR matches you will faces SRAH missiles mates even as low as 7.3 due to the SO.4040 IIN(L) at 8.3 with it’s R.511.

But your J35D at BR & lower will still face the potent R.530, weak R.511, the R-3R, AIM-7’s, AIM-9C.

Best means to counter them is to stay low then as you can’t really place this aircraft anywhere lower as you’ll still meet these missile types.