Radar and Helicopters

Hey Gaijin it’s 2024 can we actually make radar missiles usable on helicopter targets - I’m kind of sick and tired of having to get within melee range with a Z-19E because my F-15 radar that can track targets at 70 km is having trouble boresighting a heli that is just hovering within 7km.


If I remember right, they did just improve the radar signature for helicopters. With that being said, PD radars don’t do well with targets that arent moving. If the helo is hovering in place, that would probably be the reason the radar isn’t picking it up.

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had a feeling it was related to this cuz I remember i was able to lock onto a moving heli and not a hovering heli. Didnt know why but now i do

Yea it is similar to notching, but the newer PD radars will a full PD search and not PD HDN or PDV HDN should still be able to track a target with movement like notching, but if the target is hovering then you need to switch to the normal Search mode for the radar.

The helis speed is too slow, most of time, so your radar won’t work, especially for PD radar, and sometimes is the alt

So a hovering jet such as the Harrier and the Yak, would be safe from radar at low alt like heli? Curious now.

PD radars IRL can still lock helos because their rotors are moving forward/backward. The radar can see this and lock, though it wouldn’t be as good a lock as if it were a mach 2 jet coming in a headon

This is not real life though. Warthunder is mostly realistic, but not completely realistic. Radars can do a lot more in real life than they do in this game, but this game isn’t ready or can’t make it happen due to the game engine’s limitations.