Racism in game

People being racist in game is sick, gross and Gaijin should clamp down on it.

There is enough method to word filter and quicker handling in reporting, GAIJIN must JUST do it.

EAC has got an excellent word filter. USE IT.

I, we, the players - should not have to rely on a shoddy report feature and a hope that someone gets a chat ban.

On that note - a chat ban? Really? That it? 30 Days and back at doing the same stufff? Really? Really Gaijin?

EDIT - If Other games like R6 Siege can even get a word filter for Afrikaans racial slurs then there is no excuse for the basics.


There’s a lot of really uptight and abusive players in the game right now, and it’s been visible for a long time…

However, I think school just ended somewhere which could explain why a lot more of it is prevalent in game and on the forums.

We definitely shouldn’t have to put up with these players.

(Edit - Top teir false flag this… People need to stop reporting things tey merely can’t handle)


Regardless of why, it should not be an issue to be dealt with.

I mean, the tech to auto perma ban (like sooooo many other games) exist.

Indeed… Thing is we can’t do anything about it other than report them and hope that the moderators get rid of them.

Last week I got told to off myself because I was an SPAA that got bombed, and the dude who bombed us was all abusive about us being SPAA and getting bombed, and got pointed out that that was unreasonable.

I reported it, but I doubt anything was done regarding them, and because we don’t see what actions were taken, I can only assume nothing came of it.

Nice reddit spacing bro, not the heccing racisms


Please report people if you see them spout hate speech. I know the report thing is a touch shoddy, but it does overall work and on the roadmap there’s a part about notifying you when a player you reported was banned without including their username.

Also please Gaijin, EAC has a word filter, USE IT!! I fully agree that Gaijin needs to use it.

Either way, please report anyone you see spouting such speech.


It is genuinely so suprising that Gaijin hasn’t added a basic filter (that you can’t turn off) and automated punishment system for this stuff. And if there is one, I haven’t seen it.

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EAC integration into WT isn’t necessary to that extent.
Just report them and move on.
Gaijin already clamped down on it… in 2012; Report and move on.

Chat bans are a serious punishment, especially 30 days.

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That’s actually a bad suggestion as it only avoids the problem, and it compounds another where there isn’t any communication in the teams.

I typically just dont have chat up anymore. From people spamming the radio commands, to the stuff people start saying its just not worth it. on the off chance i do pull up chat and see stuff i report it and move on. Having a filter would be nice for them but if you see in chat people will put in one letter and others join in to get around being reported and would get around the filter.

It works, but it picks up cockpit as a swearword, and it doesn’t actually fix the source of the issue being the bad player doing such silliness.

You have an AI girl portrait, and it looks like it’s not even from Warthunder. The problem is you.


Why are you so hooked up on the profile pictures and whether you think they are AI generated or not? And what’s it got to do with the thread?

(Edit - Stop false flagging my posts… You guys really need to get a grip)

Trash talk and banter is often confused for “racism” which isn’t an actually defined term. You don’t know if someone is really hates a particular race or if they are trolling. If they hate a specific race, you don’t know why. If you think you do, and you think they are unjustified, you are just a bully trying to police everybody, and you don’t know why. lol


What’s this all got to do with your initial comment of the profile pic?

And no, banter isn’t racism, and excusing it just shows that you’d want that to be a thing, which it shouldn’t and should never be accepted as the normal.

Stop making excuses and avoiding the issue.

That’s absolutely xenophobia, and it’s racist. Stop making up excuses to excuse it.


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Actually, from a WT event last year. Deal with it.

It is never justified to discriminate based on race. Racism=bad. Don’t be racist. It is not bullying to think that being racist is a bad thing.

I wish people figured that out by now.

You shouldn’t be able to say racist things in War Thunder, and I don’t get why you still can call people slurs.


I know of a number of players who simply turned chat off very early on,myself incuded.Does any adult even want it or need it? Always seems to be an American using the N word,no wonder the American win rate is so bad,they spend most of the game typing insults.


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