Racial discrimination and hate speech and abuse one's family

The reason for everything is that I sent a “:)” as a greeting, then I got a lot of language attacks just because I used a Chinese id
If it’s just racial hatred, it’s just getting used to it, after I destroyed him he started insulting my mother, This is unacceptable to me!
Such players should be permanently banned and their registered email addresses should no longer be allowed
However, all my email responses told me that I could only report within the game, but I didn’t get any feedback this way, and now I have to test send to the forum for help

rule breaking screens removed


Their advice for reporting is correct. Reporting in-game is the best way. They will say the same thing here too. Later this year, they will add a notification to tell you when someone you report gets a chat ban.

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just a chat ban? Instead of blocking the account?
I don’t think that’s a reasonable punishment

Just now, I played the second game of football after the game update, and again I was attacked by language, this is just a football game
My patience is limited, and if it’s just a “chat ban,” next time I’ll open a memo my friend sent me and try to pick out the meanest sentence in response, doesn’t matter if he’s a yellow monkey, a white pig or a nigger

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Please use in game complain system and report if you think that someone is breaking game rules. Game Masters will get the report with chat logs and be able to react and punish such user. Thanks!

Please be aware:

  • We do not react on screenshots.
  • We do not allow to post rule breaking content on our forum - your screens with insults are rule breaking, I removed them.