R73 on mi28nm/ka52

would be a nice addition against jets; the iglas are better against choppers etc anyways


Do you have any sources for that? I’m honestly curious if Russian helis can use r-73, and also if you want it you should probably back it up with something solid.

I do not, if anyone has solid proof one of them can pls feel free to share. I remember hearing they could but that was on the old forums

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you already have vikires you don’t need r73s and I have never seen a Ka 50 / mi 28 carry a dedicated air to air missile

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Im an advocate for that although people will be surprised how little it will change anything over aim9m for ah1z. Also from what ive gathered viper still doesnt technically carry the aim9x irl

To be honest, I would be satisfied if I could give the ka52 a better anti-aircraft missile than the 9m39 (R73 maybe too powerful). NATO helicopters had 9m up, and the 9m39 couldn’t hit anyone.

r73 would in theory be pretty good even from a low alt zero initial velocity launch thanks to its respectable burn time and good glide characteristic. aim9x would have around the same range since its got a lower delta v but also lower drag.

actually, it will, the USMC is even thinking about putting the aim 120 on it. An AIM-120 On A AH-1 Cobra? Not Impossible, Say Marines | The Drive

Now imagine if us developed an aim120 with ir seeker for an r27et type of missile. That would be unfathomably deadly in wt


I found two sites that claim the Mi-28 can, but take it with salt.

Mil Mi-28 helicopter - development history, photos, technical data (aviastar.org)

Night Hunter: The Mi-28N Havoc-B Gunship – Gunpowder Magazine

I tried to find pictures of the Mi-28 carrying them but couldn’t find anything. The following sites claim the Ka-52 can carry them as well, again take it with salt.

Kamov Ka-52 Alligator | Weaponsystems.net

How Russia’s Ka-52 HOKUM Attack Helicopters Compare to Western Equipment (newsweek.com)

Kamov Ka-52 Attack Helicopter (military-blog.com)

Take it with a little less salt as I did find a picture of the Ka-52 Prototype carrying one.


Any of them can carry the R-73, but why would you bring two or four large missiles when you could bring 8 smaller ones such as Igla.

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True, and the Mi-28 can carry sextuple mounts of 9k333 Verbas.


Because your atgms are infinitely better at killing choppers, and igla aren’t maneuverable enough to hit top tier jets. So they are really just dead weight. r73s are at least able to deal with fixed wing threats. igla are bad against both heli and fixed wings

If it’s historical +1 and an then there’s 0 reason to not raise the BR

Just pure fantasy. Mi-28N actually can’t even carry Iglas.

Nor R-73, nor Kh-25 can’t be carried by serial Ka-52, it can carry in game more than it can irl (S-13 should be removed and Iglas should be reduced from 8 to 4).

It’s just beams, not another 2 missiles, there are only 4 of them


source for ka52 not being able to carry r73?

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Because only ka52 can carry vichrs and iglas ka50 or mi28 you need to choose between iglas or vichrs