R73 can't save SU25T/SU39

It’s really good to see SU25BM will go to 11.0, but not enough, SU25T/39 also needs to reduce the BR to 11.0, R73 doesn’t work well on these planes, because of the bad environment, even in the ground battle, I don’t think su25t/39 could be better than F5E, or Kurnmass 2000 with 6AGM65D. they are too heavy and slow. climb to 6km is very hard( or you will be locked by aim92…) I know some players worry about it’s missiles and IRCCM, but pls consider that we do have Sea harrier with 4aim9L in 10.7.

No. N O P E
The BR ranges are already compressed hard enough, raising the top BR would be a better idea but I guess the devs have 0 clue what they’re doing with the newest proposed changes list.
Again, the Gaijin Balancing Department ( lol funny very real btw) are out of touch


They shouldn’t be good in air rb, they are ground attackers and air rb is a team deathmatch mode, in order for them to be good they’d have to be dogfighting on a competitive level with the purpose built dogfighters while maintaining their current armament, which ie horrible for game health.


Absolutely not. Maybe if Gaijin decided to raise top BR, or separate ground and air BR’s, but as it stands the SU-39 has A2G ordinance where it can’t go lower, and the consequence of that is that it’s just bad in air RB and there’s not anything to fix it, same as the A-10, normal Su-25, and several other planes


If the su39 and su25t go down then we need BR decreases for Tornado IDS and Harrier Gr7/Av8B.


Oh yeah, I’ll add to the list, this logic would bring the A-10s down to 9.0 where their flight performance matter, Su-25s right back to where they were first introduced at 9.3, A-5c as well, A-6e potentially facing into wartime jets, etc.

Yeah, it would make the game fun for attack jets, but when a team deathmatch is fun for the planes that are the worst dogfighters of their era, it’s miserable for just about everything else.

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I agree,… attackers might have similar BR to fighters based on AAM employed.

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Why do people continue to try to force make the SU39 work in ARB, get it in your head its main role is an attacker, it isnt supposed to dominate ARB, reducing its BR brings way to many problems, we dont need all vehicles to be relevant at every job


Actually the su39 was built for multi mission capacity it’s just missing its r27s and not the r27er

It would not be unbalanced do to the fact that the r27 (not the ER) is sh**.

doesnt change that its main role intended in the game is an accesible CAS striker, you can buy without needing to grind trough a whole tech tree. Giving it R27 would bring it to many problems , because it is a premium potentialy getting raised to 11.7 as a result

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It’s not going to change the br to much because it’s not fast enough to get the r27 it’s effective range and speed it would be ok at best the only problem is that it would be pay to win

you guys always only look at ARB, the problem exists for GRB, and specialy in SIM, do you realize that in Sim battles the SU 39 is realy strong?, giving it the additional armament strengthens its performance quite a bit and more in the game modes that arent mainly focused on ARB, since their is a higher aspect on side missions and harder to find enemies in the first place

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No, it is not strong, if I have a choice, I would like to choose Migare 2000D or Kurnmass 2000.

since when does ARB have to be a deathmatch only PvP game mode? It’s PvPvE, and attackers should be a viable way of winning a match, even if not directly through PvP combat.

They all have their pros and cons, the su 39 is the most surviveable airframe in the game+ IRCCM + a huge possible payloud with guided bombs and vikers use it to its strengths

It isnt, tzeSU 39 is perfectly able to do the pve part. The R27s are not needed for pve battle

can those things carry a r73 on each pylon?

2 of its pylons were definetly R-73s, I think 2 other pylons could be other AAMs, I think it was more R-27 series of missiles. But not sure if it could take 4x R-73. But thats it though if I recall. A max of 4x AAMs

if it could carry like 10 r73 it would be interesting. Other than it, those things are unplayable at 11.0+ and lower than it, is just retarded to face on flareless planes