R3 T20 FA-HS fix

Hey guys, so everyone knows about the R3 T20. It used to be a menace to lower tiers but recently it has been raised to br 6.0, and had its stabalizer heavily nerfed. Adding onto that, it also only has a HVAP round which is really bad at its br. The R3, at the moment, is in a place where its a bad spaa, this is because the br had to be raised so it didn’t obliterate lower tiers like it used to, but thats had its bad effects. Its in a weird spot where its not a good spaa at its br but it also is bad at killing ground vehicles. I have a solution for this. The R3 was made to be a scout vehicle in real life and because of its 20 millimeter okerlion gun, it had access to dm63 like the other vehicles in game have. Im proposing that we raise the br of the R3 t20 to 7.7 but give it its good stabilizer back, give it dm63, give it scouting, and give it a light vehicle designation, all like real life. This would make the R3 like other vehicles like the XM800T and give it its intended role. Overall, if we implement the changes I suggested, this would fix the R3s issues of being a bad spaa just because it might kill tanks, and allow it to play as its irl intended role of being a scout vehicle. Thank you!!


No because then italy doesnt have a decent mid tier spaa. It is fine where it is now

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I would support this. There’s plenty of light vehicles that it could kill, unlike where it is rn, and if it has a stab and DM63 historically, then I’d definitely say yes.

Also this is in the wrong section. Should move it to machinery of war section


The leopard 40/70 is at 5.7, wich is almost the same, and as an SPAA does a much better job


but the R3 isnt a very good spaa, there is plenty other spaa at lower br’s that are miles better than the R3


I think we should get experimental spaags based on M113 before uptiering R3.

it is a very good spaa if you know how to aim it, and it is far more effective in anti cas role than leopard or low tier vehicles.

they should limit ap ammo to 40/70 (like an amount needed only for self defence) lower it’s br to 4.7. give us a 6.0 AA and make R3 a light tank. remember not having thermals can’t be a BR higher then wiesel…

it would be like the XM800T, it would have a stabalizer and greater speed

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And smaller

track is way to go for rats vehicles…they climb better, can turn on the spot, better starting on steep hills…

The AB 43 is great bc it has wheels. It wouldn’t be nearly as good with tracks.

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I think the R3 with stab and dm63 would be fine at 7.7, it would be like the japanese type 87 things

Make HVAP perform as it did in reality (it was not actually total garbage) make DM 43 and 63 even remotely close to what it was really like,

and maybe then the R3 can go up and be an excellent light tank/scout!

Really wish they’d fix the R3.

Would be such a good light tank at 7.7 if they implemented the proper stab, scouting and apds like you talk about. Would be a great counterpart to the XM800T, Type 87 RCV (P), Fox, etc.

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nah dude, in comparison to the type87proto:
R3 has lower turret orizontal and vertical guidance
R3 has all crew packed together
R3 has less wheels (and with the new wheels mechanic it does matter)
R3 has no NVG of any kind
So it can’t be neither on par with wiesel or type87proto…


yeah it would be great for that to happen, and it kinda annoys me since gaijin is all about historical accuracy but they go ahead with no source, nerf the R3’s stabilizer and instead of making it a scout vehicle like it was in real life, they make it an spaa, a vehicle it was never designed to be

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To be fair, it is a very good AA, but I would prefer its historical role.