R2Y2 Kai Historical Innacuracies

The R2Y2 seems to have a problem with weight and thrust. In the game the V1 has a thrust very close to what the Ne-330 engines are supposed to have, but the V2 and V3 have less, even though they have the same engine. Also, with a few calculations the R2Y2 should be about a ton lighter than what it states in the Wiki. In the Wiki it states it’s 10 tons, but subtracting the weight of the engine in the R2Y1 and adding the weight of the Ne-330 engines it equals to about 8.6 tons. At most the plane should only be about 9 tons realistically.


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This was done in one of the fairly distant patches for balance purposes. I could be wrong, but this happened about 7-8 years ago. And indeed, as you write, the original plane should have had about 8.85 tons of full load.


According to some historian, the V1 is actually last one of them, which is why it could have had better engines. Japanese of course understood how much more effective the fuselage intakes were and having weight of the engines in wings was just an extra burden. However the highspeed airflow through that long ducts needed more development and testing than they had time for, which is why the engines were moved to wings. He also claimed that V2 and V3 had only 2x13.2mm in nose as they were only intended as attackers.

The engines mounted on the wings have more direct access to incoming air. It is as simple as that.

That’s the “max take off weight” which actually is a completely arbitrary number that doesn’t even match the actual game half the time.

The weight of an R2Y2 V1 with maximum fuel, full ammo load, and an 800 kg bomb is roughly 8900 kg in WarThunder.


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The weight may be correct in game, but it would be quite better if the devs just implemented the weight in the HUD so everyone can know how much their weight is through the match and if it changes with updates.
Also, I don’t think the change in intakes on the three variants would have much of a negative impact on the thrust, and in some cases an air duct can increase air volume and compression for an engine if rounded on the front and tapered from a larger diameter down to the engines intake.

You can access it with FM tools on the test drive. These are tools that can be enabled via the config file and it’s how I gave you that 8900 kg figure. You can see how to turn them on here.

It’s a difference of 80 kgf between the R2Y2 V1 with 1300 kgf and the the V2 and V3 with 1220 kgf, so a loss of 6% thrust. Doesn’t seem too unrealistic given that there’s a big huge fuel tank in front of the engines that the air has to be diverted around.

Provide documentation and make a suggestion, not a discussion.

They said they will remove these planes

“When the replacements are ready” or something like that. Now that’s probably another void promise as R2Y2 hardly holds much importance in the tech tree anymore.