R24r, broken or legit

I’ve noticed when I’m using the R 24R it is very broken because When I launch it, it’s locked onto the enemy and the enemy shafts and locks onto the chat but it’s still tracks the enemy is this broken or is this the way it’s meant to be?



This is normal, same happens with aim-7F, Aim-7E. İt is intended.

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Ok, thx

If you’re in the Radar MTI mode then the radar on your plane will still lock the plane. MTI mode allows you to ignore chaff (when the enemy isn’t notching)

The seeker head in the missile is a PD seeker (iirc) it locks onto a target that’s heading toward or away from it at high speeds, and it’s not going to lock onto chaff unless the target is heading perpendicular to the target (notching). Your radar should also be capable of doing this by setting it to the correct mode, that being MTI. It will allow you’re radar to ignore chaff as well. There’s multiple radar guides I suggest you look into, it will be really helpful to understand these radars for when you get to higher tiers.

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This is not the reason. İt is simply because the radar doesn’t send a thin signal like laser, but a large area one. So as long as the target is in roughly the same vicinity as the chaff, because the plane is bigger than chaff, it will still track the plane instead of chaff. Because the return from the plane is stronger than the chaff.

This is what I know

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I don’t think that’s how it works afaik, the missile locks onto the fastest moving target in a vicinity due to pd. Sometimes your missile will lock onto a target that is quite a distance between the actual target you locking due to the speed difference. Ive gotten double kills due to this phenomenon by being able to launch a second missile and guide both in at once. Once I had a Km of separation between the two targets and the missile still locked the target I wasn’t tracking due to the speed of it.