R.550 Magic 1/2

Can Gaijin please reduce the proximity sensor activation time for the magic? its far too long at its current 1.8 seconds and it really kneecaps it in a close in air to air engagement, while other high performance missiles like the 9L and 9M, R73, python 4s all have a .5 second fuse activation time, the magics activation time is such an out dated nerf compared to all of the other nations

Find an unclassified & unrestricted document that proves Magic 2 has a lower fuse delay and submit a historical report to the bug report site.


everywhere says it has a minimum range of 300 meters.

https://www.scribd.com/document/433291997/WMS130A1-R-550-Magic-1-Magic-2 if you wanna pay 12 bucks to prove my point, go right head

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It says here it was possible irl to reduce the delay from 1.8 seconds to 1.2 seconds

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well i found a copy of that same report that isnt pay walled, and it states clearly that the magic 2 is superior to the 9M
and that it also has 50G of pulll

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That document also proves 1.8 seconds to be as accurate; so Gaijin has the choice of 1.8 or 1.2, and it seems they’ve chosen 1.8 for the time being.

“said to be”

And 50Gs is dual plane which still isn’t simulated in War Thunder.

find a document stating the 9L/M has a .5 second timer

also that same document says it has a min range of 500 meters

Only the seeker is said to be superior than 9M.

And that’s about Detection Ranges/IRCCM

yes, the seekers irccm is better than the 9M by a wide margin, that and it can pull harder (50G as to at most, 40)
and has a longer range with a burn time of up to 9 seconds

No,… G limits are done by maneuvering control surfaces,… yet Magic 2 was able to use both Planes to achieve 50G.

1 single plane is 35G

doesnt the magic not even work in single plane

Gaijin have hard time modelling missiles correctly, as they did single plane for every other missiles, instead of developping another method, they copy pasted it.

Magic never used single plane.

And even today, Magic seekers are gimped/downed in capabilities. (Both 1 and 2)

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I’m gonna have to disagree, magic 1s are pretty good since the update and 2s are pretty amazing.

I don’t think you understand what your talking about the missile literally cant fly the way its modeled rn irl. They haven’t finished dual plane modeling yet which is the X pattern the magic really flies in.

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I just know I launch them under 2km and they almost always land unless they are doing some heavy maneuvers.

2s just straight up always hit if under 2km.

if you launch from 1.5 up it will usually hit anything below that it usually wont in a head on.

That’s kinda the problem. 1.5km is like the absolute minimum in a head on that you could fire a Magic 2 and maybe have the proximity fuse arm in that time. But that 1.5km give them more than enough time and space to flare off the missile, where as just earlier today I was killed by a 9L or M that had barely left the rail off an F-16

Magic-1 still misses some few little features.

Magic-2 was TOTALLY gimped before the update, and today it is still gimped, as it uses the same IRCCM than R-73 while some players already proved it should be as good as the AIM-9M one.

Aslongside IRCCM, the fact that Dual-plane steering is not developped for in game missiles, the Magic-II is currently doing 70% of it’s real turn ability, therefore it could be far better than current.