R-27ER is OP as hell

Bro the R27ER is so overpowered. The amount of times I’m in rb or sb and I fire a sparrow BEFORE the R27 and the sparrow either self destructs, veers off of target, or just straight up misses, while still keeping a constant lock on the target.

And then I get slammed in the face with an unexpected R27, even when flying 90º from the target. The AIM-7F is honestly better than the 7M, and I would prefer it any day.

I just find myself using all sidewinders because of how inaccurate sparrows are.

Buff sparrows please


Same can be said about the Aim-9M

It’s literally the same in game.

Do you chaff? And at what range


Sounds right, 27ERs are significantly faster than Aim7


Try staying low, the R-27ER can get multipathed at low altitudes

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He’s talking about radar missiles. The 27ER is much better than anything else in the game by a large margin. Having used both top tier IR missiles, I prefer the R-73, so I’m not sure what your point was anyway.


You can defeat the ER much like the 7M, and it’s something everyone does. You aren’t going to fare much better against 7M if you fly high. R73 HOBS advantage is completely nullified at the moment by being broken, whereas the 9M can be practically impossible to flare on certain situations with current parameters in place.

Complaining about the ER and mostly playing USA (not talking about anyone specific) is the most hypocritical thing ever. Currently it’s the only advantage the warsaw pact countries have over nato, and they are limited to 2x per airframe.


Flying low or notching avoids ERs & AIM-7s.

watch this same amount of complaining happen when he gets spamraams

Yeah I use chaff every time. And usually between 3-15km.

Just never seems to work.

I said AIM-7F is better because the F4J is one of my most used aircraft, and I just find them to be much more consistent than 7M’s.

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Not trying to complain, just wondering as to why there is such a marginal difference

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because the R-27ER is simply put it quite literally better in every way probably the best SARH out there only active radar missiles are better


You’re too close and ERs are too fast. You still can notch the Rubin radar on the german migs and the 9.13 but the Zhuk will relock almost instantly and it may track

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i just chaffed 128 times with notch maneuvers and i got tracked from 15km away. garbage game, this game is only balanced if you play Russia


fly low to ground and notch there mid alt and your gonna get hit lower you are better chance of not being hit

in certain cases you are just dead. That’s the simple answer. But to claim that this game is “only balanced if you play Russia” is factually wrong. The best plane in the game and by a large margin is the F-16C. I would suggest just not engaging the enemy in situations where their superior radar missiles can be employed.


This game is obviously russian bias.

Look at the game atm, this is a pure joke , R27ER is everywhere and ofc only russia can use the best radar missile in the game :)

Mirage 4K have only 2 useless 530D lmao, and F15 is useless asf, no hmd, only 4 aim9m (nerf to the ground) nice good balance


Oh no because I don’t farm the AI bots and sweat that automatically invalids everything that possibly could be said, evidence based or not.

You saying every other plane is practically useless because you don’t have access to the best SARH missile in game says more about you than it does me.

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i agree with this and its funny you pull stats like that some how makes your point no longer brain dead


Look, I never said all the other planes were useless, and I’m talking about radar missiles, not planes.

If you were to play the game in toptier mode, you’d realize that the R24Er isn’t just a little better than all the other radar missiles in the game, it’s way ahead of them all.

What’s more, the Su27 has 6 of them, but either way, the number is correct.

If you don’t see any balancing problems between all the radar missiles in the game, you just haven’t been to the toptier lately.


It’s surprising since you were so keen to bring up Thunderskill, big lol btw, that you didn’t even bother to look at in game to see the true stats.

This you? You can wiggle on technicality all you want, the implication is there.

R-27ERs are powerful sure, but not the be all and end all. I would much rather face down a Flanker in an F-15 than I would the opposite.

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