R-27ER is OP as hell

F15 =/= All plane
Lmao and you call this "wiggle on a technical ". Your generation brain is amazing bro.

Yea F15A is useless when we have F16C already but this is another subject.

Otherwise “believe me brother” is an argument close to nothing, here we’re talking about the R27 compared to all the other radar missiles in the game.
But keep up the puns, you’re entertaining the gallery.

The su27 not only has the best missiles in the game, it’s also the one with the most, all coupled with an HMD.

It seems that everyone agrees that there are major balancing problems with this patch except you, so congratulations, now that you’ve made your little jokes, we’re waiting for your arguments.


The F-15 carries four SARH missiles which is better than 2. A better argument would be the F-15a is a sidegrade of the F-14B rather than compare it to the F-16c.

I acknowledged it’s performance advantage over any other SARH missile in game, still doesn’t mean that you’re instantly GG by not having it. The very point you implied.

Due to Gaijin modelling the aircraft and weaponry based off real life counterparts, the game is never going to be equal. USA never had a viable match for the R-73 and 73m until the 9X. Britian currently had no top tier viable jet until the SAF Gripen because guess what? They had Tornadoes right up until they bought the Eurofighter. Same could be said for Japan as they needed the AJ until the F-15J and Viper Zero came/comes.

Germany gets the R-27ER and ET and a better performing MiG-29 to boot and they will only get that until the F-4F ICE and Eurofighter comes. Are you going to cry imbalance on that too?

No one cares, but you pulling up Thunderskill as some sort of gotcha was hilarious.

Russian bias isn’t going to excuse your skill issue to dying from these missiles. You put yourself into positions where you are targeted and shot at. You don’t leave yourself enough room and time to react and defend against these threats.

Even with the 29’s OP flight model and 27ERs, the F-16 still clapped it in any scenario aside from straight high altitude BVR.

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I love the contradiction, but anyway I don’t have a need to convince you or make you feel otherwise. Considering you didn’t bother to read anything, your own prerogative is just to argue for argument’s sake.

Have a good one getting clapped by missiles you don’t know how to defend against.

I’m just glad Ger has the Mig-29G. Good airframe, good armement (except the gun)…you feel competitive vs. everything currently ingame.

If you wan’t to avoid radar missiles (any kind) just stay low. Radar locks and the missiles itselves won’t work.

Alright, then let’s mount the R-27ER on the F-15 and F-16! What could go wrong?

you truly, truly have zero tolerance for evidence.

How do you know that he’s ugly?
You are currently the cringe one, look up the definition
Plus his stats are great, he’s a good player

F15 never had R27ER bro are you having a competition to see who can ask the dumbest questions?
Are you some kind of club?

Another question is why are you on this thread? You and you’r friends have obviously zero experience in toptier battle.

you both have no idea what the R27ERs look like in the current meta because you don’t even play them.

The question remains the same, why come to a thread that you neither know nor have experience of.

The 2000 generation never ceases to amaze me


You may not have the R-27ER, but if you know what you’re doing, those should be no problem. In real life, that missile was extremely strong too, being able to rival even early AMRAAMS.

Stay low, notch, chaff!

Mach 5.8 means that you gotta act quickly to avoid the missile. It’s kind of the same as avoiding an AIM-7 Sparrow, but you get less of a time window to react.

You are checking my Air RB stats. I’m a SB main.

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You said it yourself! F-15 never had R-27ER, nor every single aircraft that doesn’t come from USSR, so… MAYBE THAT’S WHY THE RUSSIANS ARE THE ONLY ONES WHO GET IT.
Plus, Germany also gets it!
you dont even understand sarcasm.

You may not have the R-27ER, but if you know what you’re doing, those should be no problem.

Real fact :

Lmfao thanks for the laughs
However your arguments are good but thanks I know how to avoid a radar missile that’s not the problem. But obviously you don’t know what I’m talking about because you have no toptier experience (obviously).

Excuse me but on the internet, I avoid wasting time chatting with certain profiles of which you and your buddy are a part.

press this button
i’m an AIR SB main, I play sim for fun.
I only play Air RB to unlock mods when stock

I have the MiG-23MLD, a 11.3 aircraft that constantly fights 12.3 such as the F-15, Su-27, MiG-29SMT, F-16C. The R-27ER and the AIM-7 Sparrows have never, EVER been a problem in sim battles.

US Aircraft are more suited to medium range engagements, as the R-27ER is more of a long-range one

and if you’re gonna use the same Stats card.
these are your stats in Air RB, as you dont even play Air SB
these are my stats in Air SB. Notice the difference in Efficiency

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Your best experience in toptier is the mig23 premium hahahah

You’ve never played the F15, the Su27, the Mirage 4K, the Gripen, in short, you have no idea what you’re talking about, but you’re right there on the topic, just like every other buddy above.

Funny, isn’t it :)

How can I take you seriously? It’s simply impossible for a reasonable person hahaha

PS: I’m going to stop chatting with you and won’t reply anymore.
You can ignore me, I don’t want to pollute the subject any further than that.

I may not have played any of those, but I know what I’m talking about when the topic is about 12.3 top tier. I’ve got good friends that are on 12.3 too, and they even let me check out how they play, even against the USSR.

The R-27ER is strong, yes, but if you know how to evade it it should be no problem.
Remember, you have the AIM-9M, which is still really hard to avoid! Get close, and FIRE IT WHEN YOU CAN

My experience is :

  • 300 games total with the F15
  • approx. 300 games total Mirage 4000
  • approx. 681 games total with the F16C
  • 671 games approx. total with F14B
  • Obiously i dont gonna take in count my 1553 games in F14a because for me its not “toptier”
  • For a total of average 1952 games ONLY in toptier air battle without my 1553 games in F14a

Your experience :

  • Mig23M
  • Lvl 59 account
  • " i’ve got good friends that are on 12.3 too "
  • " believe me brother "
  • No toptier experience
  • No idea of the current meta is

And you should teach me something and I should believe you because you also have friends in toptier?

This will be my last answer, too much discomfort so far I’ll just ignore you.


My guy you can you stop with this useless arguing

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Thx for the useless arguing mister F4S/Tornado player

EDIT: " Don’t forget the F4J " Oops, i forget the F4J Kappa
looks like he thinks it’s going to change anything to the fact lmfao

Is this a meeting of premium players or what?

don’t forget the F4J(UK)
you really love looking at stats even though you don’t know what your talking about