R-27 variants

Modern jets tend to be.

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Assuming you mean IEEE X band, so NATO I/J band. That would be useful against a large number of A2A radars. Now you’d need to know if its tracking side and or main lobe. To be honest I’m struggling to see how useful it could be in ARB given the amount of I band transmissions it would basically lose its mind attempting any kind of tracking.

I can see why it was abandoned.

funnily enough ,it was up for export just until last month, after that they removed it.
possibly it could lock onto not only a band but also a frequency but at long ranges it might get spooked especially in a target rich environment.
but if we fire it blindly it could lock onto a target at a later flight stage and intercept given it had enough time and energy to execute the move

Funny enough,… we have a button to shut down our radars, and will have AIM-120’S or MICA-ER far more reliables

If we see sich missile in the air, we only have to shut down our radar after launch of 1/2 FOX-3’s, then turn 5° out to avoid being in the path of the missile.

So,… basically AIM-54A’s are far more reliable at this point.

thats the issue… you wont. they dont make any RWR warning and they have BVR range, so no, eyeball mark 1 wouldnt be able to detect those

Well → it is easy to understand that such missiles is send at you,…

I would definetly pick you up on radar before you launch your missile, therefore, knowing you’re there.

If i do not see any missiles coming at me, why would i think you’re not using ARM’s?

Therefore, i can do a quick launch of Fox-3, shut radar down, and go for defensive.

well fox 3 int in game yet (except pheonix)

  • I launch an ARM and dive before detection (not probable but not impossible) (keep in mind this is a true fire and forget missile)
  • I launch ARM but there are others on my team high up aswell who launch SARH, so you think only SARH
  • I launch ARM and follow up with SARH, ARM reaches you before SARH assuming you dont go cold.

the basic function of this missile is like a front aspect only IR missile. it relies on its stealth and the target either forgetting or making a mistake. which as we know we do not have a shortage of at top teir

ARM won’t be in game without Fox-3’s that quite certain at this point.

if you launch SARH and ARM, i can go full blind and cold,…
i already do that in F-16’s vs MiG-29’s, and i end up killing them on guns/AIM9L


@PestoMystic tagging you here so we don’t end up having an off topic discussion, but I looked at the source you linked me and we’ll…it just suggests that it’s possible, but not that the missle was ever produced…
Likewise I see a source in here at the beginning of this thread that suggests the R-27EA or just K-27A as the source calls it, was tested on a MiG 29, but it’s citation for that claim dosnt lead too any actual evidence.

My issue with the R-27EA that I can never get over is that no matter how many times I try and track down conclusive evidence that it ever actually existed, I end up at a dead end. All pictures of what people came are R-27EA’s seem too just be inert missles at airshows, with no actual radar inside. Which makes since as the pointy radar dome that’s often sighted as the seeker head shape for the missle is actually a poor design for a seeker head, and worse than even the R-77 or base R-27’s radar dome shape.

“The most recent enhancement to the R-27 series is the upgrade option of fitting an Agat 9B-1103M active radar seeker and supporting midcourse guidance package, based on the 9B-1348E seeker in the R-77. A fully digital derivative of this seeker, with improved acquisition performance, is available, using Texas Instruments TMS320 processing hardware. Upgraded missiles are designated the R-27A and R-27EA.” source (archived copy from an earlier date).

Carlo Kopp is pretty reliable for piecing stuff together. Unless someone can find an original Russian source, from the excerpt above, and from the history of the Soviet Union/Russian federation as I know it, it would seem that:

Knowing that the R-27, mass produced in large quantities, and capable of changing seekers, is a prime candidate for an Active seeker upgrade. The “EA or A” designation occurs when an ARH seeker is fixed to the R-27. The seeker itself, as stated above, and in the above post as well, is designed for both retrofit (the typical use, I’d argue) or for new construction R-27s. I’m not aware of possible R-27 production numbers. It’s entirely likely that Russia may find it easier to mass produce them even now.

If people are worried that things need to be chronologically considerate, then the EA would be precluded from an “early Su-27”, and would need to be on the Su-27SM(K). I’m not sure if the radar matters when it comes to deploying the EA, as the Myech doesn’t change until later. However, the fire-control computer does change around this time. If that has any bearing, it would be an issue. This should be researched further. Otherwise, the R-27EA retrofits should be able to be deployed from an early Su-27.

I didn’t want to do this @soviet_MoonMan , but we have to be honest.

If something like the Yak 141 can fly then yes it’s a possibility. But when you factor in that the devs like too stick too more common and mass produced weapons for top tier air, then I become skeptical we will ever see the EA Alamo. The main problem is that you would be taking a fantastic missle and making it fire and forget. It would already be superior too the R-77 and many of the Aim-120’s, so it would only come later if the devs even considered it…

MiG-29SMT (9-19) from Russia tech tree armed & employ R-27EA ?

I believe it already has a radar and fire-control complex to do so. R-77 was tested on the MiG-29M first afaik from my reading earlier today.

You think in the future gajin consider R-27EA replacement R-27ER & R-27ET on MiG-29SMT (9-19) ?

And increase BR higher 12.3 ?

It’s possible. But I could only see it if they also added R-73’s to it too. Otherwise it’s not worth it.

In the USSR in the mid-1970s, it was decided if it was possible to make all missiles of a modular type…There are about 6-8 types of fairings for GOS missiles of the R-27 family…



Тактико-технические характеристики АРГСН 9Б-1103М | Ракетная техника (missilery.info)
Авиационная ракета Р-27 (К-27) | Ракетная техника (missilery.info)

In Russia, the R-77-1 rocket is now being mass-produced and the product 180 missile is being tested…There is no special point in a rocket in the production of R-27AE missiles…but in case of Force Majeure circumstances-technically the homing heads of certain types of missiles produced in Russia are interchangeable …
Modernization of the R-27R/P missiles-(tests are completed in 2019)…First of all, the onboard electronics of the rocket – autopilot and GOS - have been upgraded…In order to improve flight performance, a new solid-fuel charge for a rocket engine is used…
The first batch of such missiles will be delivered to India in 2020…Missile designations (unclassified) remained old…

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MiG-29(9-19)-decommissioned in Russia in 2018
MiG-29 (9-19R)-located in 116 CBP (Analog of the “Aggressor” squadrons) the MiG-35 is also there-they use a lot of things both standard and non-standard as well as the newest …
If you are interested in whether 9-19/9-19R can actually use Energy versions of R-27 missiles… Yes…! Can…


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