R-27 variants

It does because Gaijin admitted as such for anti-radiation missiles. They’re not as useful as people think.

might you know of this?

[Avtomatika 9B-1032 X-band anti-radiation seeker]

or maybe this?
[CNS 9B-1102]


R-27ep seeker

Because if this is an X-band passive radiation seeker like the sources say, we might get to see the R-27P/EP in game someday.


The missile has a reduced overload relative to other versions of the R-27, and will also easily lose the target if it turns away. In War thunder battles, its effectiveness will be low

as far as ive read, the targets acceptable overload is around 5.5G and the missile itself has the same overload limits as the other R-27s.
i doubt, the russians would make a modern missile that is incapable of hitting anything plus its designed to target small fighter aircraft and not awacs

I made a report to fix the MiG-29s AoA, no dedicated MiG-29 thread so posting it here I guess.

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huh apparently it got acknowlegded!

Yes I meant that

i was confused for a second thinking when did i write in cyrillic lol.
but yeah, missile overloads are usually calculated by two values, relative target overload and missile overload.
the actual missile capability is somewhere between the sum of the two values

She has quite a specific guidance. And if the target turns away and the reception stability becomes weak, the rocket may lose its target

yes thats the primary concern for passive radar homing missiles, the inertial guidance might help but also the biggest ally of the R-27EP is its stealth, since the enemy dosent know a missile is coming he might not dodge.

also, this would be a front aspect only missile unless aircraft such as the su-30 are added which have rear facing radars as well

the SU-30 has no rear-view radars

was it the su-34 or the su27?
i know the su-57 has a rear facing radar

the Su-57 has

i also read that the su-33, 34 and some other derivatives have it too, but unless those are added, the R-27EP is a front aspect only missile

no, they don’t have it easy to check by the radiation icons in the tail section. They are not

i guess its only on some models
but the 34 has it in the tail protrusion

No. It’s APU.

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ah ok

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this jet is really massive tho