R-27 variants

Any day now were gonna get these and they’re gonna break the game unless coupled with the early AMRAAMs

  • R-27P AA-10 Alamo-E, passive radiation homing with a range of up to 72 km (45 mi).
  • R-27EP AA-10 Alamo-F, a longer range passive anti-radiation missile with a range of up to 110 km (68 mi).[sauce]
  • R-27EA, active radar homing with 9B-1103K active seeker, range of >130 km (81 mi).[sauce # 2]
  • R-27EM, active radar homing with 9B-1103K active seeker, range of >170 km (110 mi).

So these are pretty interesting in that they are essentially ARM’s does anyone actually know the GHz range they operate in?


They are hardly accurate enough to hit moving ground radar targets let alone aircraft iirc.
Also, no aircraft ever used the active guided R-27s in service. They were proposed or tested but never saw service.

for the R-27P and EP (both use the same radar)

R-27P (item 470-1) - with semi-active radar SNS 9B-1101K

meaning essentially that the radar named above would have the following specifications:



also i found more about the R-27EA:

R-27EA - with multifunctional monopulse Doppler active radar SNS 9B-1103M. Range of fire at ZPS is 130km, at PPS - 60km.
this radar has the following specs:



Aircraft missile R-27 (K-27) | Missilery.info

well, the R-27P also had an export variant which according to missilery.info was exported and equipped on MiG29s (i would suspect warsaw pact countries)

10-20GHz will make it useless against I-Band radars. So in the A2A role it won’t very useful at all.

isnt 10-20GHz in the J-band? im not really a radar specialist so sorry if i get it wrong
also wdym against I-band radars?

So a passive missile will need to seek radars in the target range. If that range is J-band it will be blind to I-Band radars which is most HPRF radars.

oh ok… so unless I* band radars are common at a BR these missiles wont be very useful…
but what about the EA or the EM (< this is only for the SU-27 AFAIK because the MiG29 wasnt made compatible or something)

*edit: J-band

10-20GHz is J-band. So for example the R-27P wouldn’t be able to target the Tornado F.3 as it has an I-Band radar. The targets will have to be in the 10-20GHz range.

The ALARM anti radiation missile has a range of 2-18GHz which covers most radars in the game.

The R-27P is going to be pretty useless in its A2A role and in A2G it’s going to be pretty limited as well. As most search radars are very low band so it will be limited to tracking radars and if you’re being tracked that’s not a great situation to be in.

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It’s R-27R’s SARH seeker, not R-27P’s. As well “item 470-1” is R-27R. Somebody confused russian “P” (R) and english P.

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I thought most aircraft radars were IEEE X band, which is 8 - 12 GHz (i.e. straddling the border between NATO I & J bands). So it might be useful if the radar is on the upper end of X band.

I was under the impression that R-27P was meant for the air-to-air role, so would expect it to have some capability against such radars.

I was under the impression it was meant for targeting things like AWACS but generally failed to hit anything.

This paragraph from David Gledhill’s book on the F.3 implies that it was a concern for Tornado pilots. But maybe Britain wasn’t sure of it’s capabilities so just assumed the worst case scenario (that it could be used against fighters).

Edit: He mentions it again here:

Given how over estimated some the of R-27 missiles are in the F.3 tactics manual I don’t doubt they were worried

yeah i realised too late, srry

I checked the productions company’s website and even there it seems ambiguous and the picture seems very old as if no new models are available for show:


You will have to translate using google lens or google translate but the old method of translating whole pages isnt working on this website

The main tracking method seems to be a (emphasis on the SEEMS) automatic radio emission detecting seeker head which scans the ‘forward hemisphere’. i doubt it is capable of scanning the entirety of a hemisphere keeping in mind gimbal limits.

That doesn’t stop gaijin from making them absolutely impossible to dodge and equipped on everything from mig21 and up.

well tbf the current R-27 variants in game are pretty easy to notch as for dodging, they can be min ranged at 2km and as for max range well youre pretty much boned unless u got pheonixes