R-27 Alamo speed and maneuverability

There are a number of inaccurate things done by Eagle Dynamics.
As I said earlier, the R-27 series is performing according to primary data from Russia. Particularly, from the Moscow Aviation Institute.

Sounds like a Secondary Source.

All Information points to this missile is massively overperforming.

It is a primary source with information directly from the manufacturer provided for students to learn and develop future missiles at Moscow Aviation Institute. It is formal documentation from Vympel.

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lol not even in DCS is this modeled with such overperforming characteristics. You are 100% making up things. Why would any western source provide wrong information for something they might go up against?

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What source are you referencing?

The decades old game that has tons and tons of modeling errors and inconsistencies? The one that relies on multiple companies and public data for modeling the aircraft within?

LOL. You are 100% kidding yourself if you think Warthunder is more realistic than DCS.

Now I know your just trolling.

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Well, that is not what I said. Please do not put words in my mouth.
The R-27’s performance is modeled as accurately as it can be within the games limitations. The missile is not at all modeled correctly in DCS.

What source were you referencing? (Probably a better idea for you to just not get this alt account banned btw).

The missile is 100% accurate in DCS. Its warthunder thats not accurate. There is no way a missile of this size accelerates to the speeds it does in Warthunder. If that were the case the Phoenix would also fly off the rail at mach speeds. But it doesnt does it?

The R-27ER overperforms like no other missile in Warthunder. Try locking or shooting an Aim-7 from the rear. Chaff decoys missile or breaks radar 100% of the time. You can make rear R-27ER shots against someone spamming chaff while they fly 100 feet off the deck. Its absurd that anyone has the confidence to say this missile is performing as it should.

You are a troll. Plain and simple.

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I’m gonna need a source for that, cuz it’s not. Here’s mine.

Is that your reasoning? …

Well I don’t disagree that it performs better than the AIM-7, and in particular the “ER” model is a bit OP currently (I advocated against it’s addition)… but that does not mean it isn’t realistic. I hope you understand making alternate accounts to avoid bans is not permissible.

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So you admit it overperforms then? Thats all you had to say. You had to go through all that trolling just to agree with someone. Also this account is probably older than yours, so I have no clue what you mean by that.

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The account can be older (it’s not), but the user actively using it is bypassing the system.
I told you that it is not overperforming, perhaps you misread.

Trolls are trying to derail the thread by posting misinformation. So anyway back to discussing the R-27ER overperforming based on actual real information posted.

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Which is…? Link it so we can make a report.

Provide me a link or the document regarding the Alamo from the M.A.I. because I cannot find it.

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Depending on the modification of the rocket, it is possible to install an engine of one of two types: single-mode (diameter 230 mm, length 1500 mm) and two-mode (diameter 260 mm, length 2200 mm), providing an increased firing range. The main structural material of the — titanium alloy rocket. Partitioners are docked using eccentric locking devices.

As I said, massively overperforming. It didnt get a stronger motor at all. Just a longer burning one for extended range. There is no way this missile flies as fast IRL as it does in WT or accelerates to the speed it does. Plain and simple. Looks like DCS is more than accurate. Their spot on.

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missilery.info isn’t usable as a source for any missile in the game. My source is a primary source and above any website sources.

It is educational, you’ll need to have access to their library or know someone who does.

So you have a source no one can read but refute other sources? lol.

This guy has to be a troll.

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thats because its modeled wrong in DCS, the guys over on the forums there are always making a fuss about it

So your telling me that to confirm the speed of the Alamo. I must gain access to a database in moscow and that this single source will provide every piece of proof that contradicts everything else about this missile. I’m sorry but this is a unreasonable request.

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i agree, the missile is not accurate in Warthunder.
it should actually have 100km of range:
Rosborn export