R-24r nerf when?

He’s saying THE ONLY aircraft to carry have only two.
So it’s quite clear he’s talking about there is only one single plane what can carry those, and it’s just 2 missiles on it. Or did I read it wrong?

Have is plural, I’m talking about multiple aircraft. The three aircraft that have R-24Rs carry only a pair each.

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INS as Gaijin implemented it to my knowledge just maintains a lead-course or fin deflection when lock is dropped as opposed to the Sparrow or others just going back to neutral fin position / straight flight.

It is ever so slightly harder to counter than the Sparrow, but the radar and missile are not OP in my opinion. You may have had a case for the R-24R at 11.3 back in the day… but not anymore.

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Yes, Have is plural, but when u say THE ONLY it’s not plural anymore, it’s meaning changes, to only one. Now, stop and face that you were wrong. Or mispronounced anyway, that sentence made it talk about one, not many.

The only people that think only means a singular individual are idiots like yourself. They don’t realize that only can signify a group or collection, not only to a single item.

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The ONLY AIRCRAFT or ONLY AIRCRAFTS , you see the difference, or are you one of those only people who cant face when they are wrong, and try to argue, you cant turn shit in to gold, no matter how much you try to speak that.

to be fair mig23 can be counted as one aircraft regardless of version, only mig23’s have r24r


It’s not just the missle, it’s more the lethal combo of the MTI radar mode on the MiG 23s and the R24 which make it work really well at low altitude.

It should go up, but so should most things to decompress the BRs. The MiG 23s vs later F4s variants like EJ KAI or F4S and Tornado F.3 is quite an enjoyable matchup because they each have their strengths and weaknesses that balance each other out quite well


the Super 530D is much better than the 24R, is mostly a sidegrade to the 7F/M and IMO is better than the 27R

looks like it got a silent nerf or something? Its very unreliable now :D

There were no changes in datamine - there was no nerf.

datamine doesnt always show everything, they might have screwed something up server side too.

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IMHO : you think that something was changed because you had good days.

The whole thread is kinda a Placebo,…

nah, I played against it and with it and it was crazy op and now it likes to just go straight without following the lock or dive into the ground more often than it used to with that SARH bug or whatever it is

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If it was server side it would have to affect all missiles

I’m 'onna stop you right there sir. What counters this? The Skyflash SuperTEMP. Thing can joust at 1km low altitude

high acceleration, harder pull than that of sparrow, insanely chaff resistant (despite the mti radar somewhat sees high concentrated chaff puffs) and a 100m proximity radius. This missile would place the f-4e at 12.3 if it had four of them. And yet the MiG23 ML has two of them, better flight performance, a great radar and sits at 11.3. The only ways to deter an r24r is by shooting it down with your own missile, going down to make it smash the ground since it has the same archaic “follow target’s every move” like the sparrows do, or go cold.

i’m pretty sure that if it was me making this thread you would have said that “the r24r lawndarts on the ground because the mld’s radar is bad” or any other point to counter my argument. Fact is, the r24r will lawndart on the ground if it’s launched from top to down fancying a slope if you are fairly high and then fly low. It has the same guidance of an aim7e2 but with much better track rate. This makes them fairly easy to defeat from a distance, however they still have insane gliding characteristics and great range for their short burning time. I’ve been killed by them while I was 10km above sea level from migs licking the ground. The r24r is far superior to any other thing that is not the r27r. Even the 530d’s are boo boo.

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