R-24r nerf when?

this missile is absurd at 11.3, you cant even counter it by flying low
if the person firing it at you wont be interrupted you are 99.9% dead
its bs that a 11.3 missile is better than aim7m


Yes it can.

It has really good performance yes, but only because of its high acceleration. Stay low, and stay out of the way.


no, it cant.
mig23ml can lock you little above ground without problem

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WalletWarrior69- doesn’t like premium opponents))


All planes can kill you with radar missiles if you’re not flying low enough, you’re supposed to fly low to negate non pulse doppler radars from locking you, and also cause enemy radar missiles to hit the ground because of multiple pathing. If you haven’t heard of these terms, look them up. If you need an explanation from me, than just ask :)


In fairness. I’ve jousted with aircraft like Mig-23ML and MLD in the Tornado F3 in ASB.

My Skyflash has lawn darted instantly, but an R-24R will hit me, even if we are both flying at the same alt, typically, as low as I absolutely dare go, sub 100ft easily. Im not sure what it is about them, but they do seem more reliable at very low alt. But whether thats because they are overperforming, or others are underperforming/bugging out, is hard to tell.


looks like you havent heard that mig23 has MTI radar lol
you are a walking nerd emoji

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R-24R is inferior to AIM-7M.
R-24R, along with R-27R, are Super 530D and SuperTEMP equivalent.
If an R-24R or any other missile hit you, you were higher than you initially thought, and/or chose not to defeat its host’s radar.


I own the thing and am well aware of it. Just as effective as any standard PD radar in my experience.

7m is copy paste 7f at higher br, r24r is much more reliable than 7f especially at low alt

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Hell nah
The R-24R is a pretty good missile, don’t get me wrong, but it’s nothing really special. The only aircraft to carry it have only 2, and the missiles have extremely low energy compared to anything with a boost-sustain. I find them to be pretty identical in performance to the Skyflash, though the better platform of the MiG-23 makes it easier to make the most of the missiles.
Just stay low in head ons, blow through, and keep your distance and outrange the enemy.

For splitting hairs, there’s 3 jets actually using those.
2 x in USSR Mig 23 Ml & Mld
1x German. (mig 23 Mla )

Idk where you’ve learned that the R24R cant be countered by flying low, but it can , just like any other SARH missile in the game

No, he’s saying the aircraft that can carry the R-24 can only carry a pair

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1st of all → Radar missile counter methods is to go Cold, and chaffs.

That’s what you guys amhave to do for a good decoy answer.

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I’ve had instances where certain pieces of land don’t register for missiles via multipathing feedback, but other than that I don’t what could have caused that… strange

My suspicion. SB can be buggy. Skyflash can be buggy. SB + Skyflash = Super Buggy


The R-24R is a great missile, almost like a short-range R-27ER, it’s better than every sparrow because it is much harder to notch and it has inertial guidance which works like a know-it-all all magic seeker for a short time the way gaijin implemented it. The only downside is the radars that guide them, but still very good performance and reliability overall when compared to non soviet missiles

In my experience the Aim7 is only good at killing bomber-sized targets flying in a straight line.

At all other times flying directly at it will cause it to miss, flying directly away from it will cause it to miss, actually notching it will cause it to lose lock and miss.

If it has IOG, then that will be why the R24R feels a lot stronger at low alt