I play on Xbox and saw that gaijin had a quiz and when completed you’d gain access to vehicle packs that were taken out of the game, for some reason I can’t purchase the packs, is this a pc exclusive event? Every time I put a pack into the cart it just brings me to the golden eagles section.

Yes,PC only.


They should at least take it out for console players or at least say something in the patch notes, thanks gayjin.


Its not on them,its on Microsoft,same on Sony, what they allow. If they dont then Gaijin cant do it.

I mean gaijin could’ve easily put those packs into the market place instead of only on the website right? And they know that’s happening but still can’t take the effort to at least say it in the patch notes? The marketplace I can understand because Microsoft wants a piece of every transaction that takes place and gaijin doesn’t want that and we all know how that went with fortnite and Apple…

No, cause they need approval of Sony and Microsoft for everything they do in terms of store and stuff.

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