Quick qustion regarding the event

I have a small and quick question regardimg this event and hope some of you fine gentelmen can help me here

I’ve been grinding this event this week and i have 2 of those finished but sadly i have draggede to a gathering with my friends this weekend so im missing friday and saturday
I bought a development progress report from the market but then i remembered that we have to test 2 missiles i order to get the target destruction report

The question is, can i some skip directly to the destruction report cause i only have sunday to grind the last

I hope it males sense
Best regards

The order is Fail Fail Pass Fail Fail Pass Fail Fail Pass Fail Pass Pass Pass

This gives access two 6 completed reports giving you a possible two high tier rewards or 1 high tier reward and the lower tier reward although you are left over with two reports

Hmm for me the order have been “fail pass fail pass”
That was why i was wondering if i could some how skip the “fail” one

thanks for the answer