Questions about the Kako

My primary question is whether should I advance to caps or stay behind near the spawn, I’ve been looking around the internet and I either got the answer “You should stay at long range and avoid getting shot” and “you need to close the gap at the start due to the guns having bad dispersion”.

I tried doing both and neither really went well, at long ranges I may get lucky hits while doing no substantial damage (though they usually don’t hit me either), and at close ranges it seems to only be food for fast firings ships. And on that, is it supposed to be that easy to ammo rack the Kako? all my deaths aside from one until now were by destroyers setting me on fire and 5 seconds later my ammo detonating.

I haven’t used it for a long time but if I remember correctly the problem with the Kako was that its barrels were neither accurate nor the damage they caused seemed to be in line with the caliber of the main guns.
To use it I would try to stay relatively far away and try to angle to maximize the armor, even so I think you’re going to have a hard time.