Questions about STARStreak

Hello everyone. I was browsing information for the STARStreak missiles and I found this on the army recognition site.

The STARStreak is a surface-to-air missile that is equipped with three “Darts” submunitions, each carrying 450 gr of explosive charge, detonated by a delayed-action, impact activated fuse.

I know that the army recognition is not a very credible source so I wonder if there is more sources to support it, since I cannot find it anywhere else. Does STARStreak equipped with explosive warheads other than APFSDS?


All Starstreak missiles use 3-Dart submunitions afaik, for anything else you’re looking at Martlet LMMs.

The Starstreak missile is equipped with three (basically) APFSDS-HE projectiles, that is correct. Only ones of its kind. They should have penetration similar to 40mm darts according to Thales.

Alternative warheads would be on the Martlet LMM which can be fired by Stormer.

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I’m ESL so I do apology if the original question was not clearly enough.

My question was, does APFSDS-HE have explosive warheads that would explode after the darts impact targets? I mean currently in game it feels like the dart is only dart without any explosive warheads, I just wonder if it is accurate.

The darts should be exploding inside targets now. Gaijin recently added the explosives to them.

Servers are having trouble with almost all missiles though, they will fly through things without hitting at all. Game thinks you missed so the missile won’t explode.


The Stormer and the AH Mk1 Apache in the UK tree that are using these missiles are suffering so much. They are literally garbage. You can’t hit the Mig-19 in the Test drive from 2 km away while its flying away from you with either of them. They really need to FIX them.