Question's about Single missions and A.i

This post will mainly be about your guy’s opinions and questions about single mission’s and the a.i. in them.
I don’t know where to go from here so ill start off with a few question’s.

First 2 are: How many of you play most of the single missions and what’s your guy’s favorite mission?

and next is: Has the a.i. been improved? I played storm warning just a bit ago and the friendly a.i. actually managed to get some kill’s on the f86’s.


Air may work, but ground are brainless, they can’t drive on maps they wasn’t programmed to play on, most of them only that available in top tier battles, where you don’t find bots.

I started playing pacific campaign to get the cool looking victory marks decals and Im having great fun.
AI is brain dead, but I think it would be a great way to introduce new players to the game and its mechanics.

(sadly, I cannot complete the mission before the last one - it fails seemingly without the reason… help?)

Had no idea this was a thing.

The missions are sort of fun. I wish they rewarded you a tad bit better, whether with decals or titles etc. Or even more SL, but to be honest they are kind of fun when I don’t really feel like playing with people but I want to play WT. They are also fun in squads.

I got them with the Pacific Campaign pack (I love the Gaijin Marketplace) and have no regrets because realistically they are enjoyable and something that if history is what you like are a pretty good middle ground for both historical but also gameplay