Dear WAR Thunder,

I’m reaching out as a devoted player of your games. While I appreciate the efforts to monetize, I’ve noticed a trend that concerns me: a preference for paying customers over others. This creates an imbalance that detracts from the gaming experience.

Gaming should be about skill and enjoyment, not financial advantage. I urge you to reconsider this approach and strive for fairness and inclusivity. By valuing all players equally, you’ll create a more positive and enjoyable environment for everyone.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.


I’m having a hard time seeing to what you are referring.
Could you give examples?


Gaming is about providing a product to customers while also creating a profitable enterprise. Gaijin is a business and Warthunder is a product they need to monetize in order to make money. They don’t charge for the game or content updates as DLC, so they monetize the game by selling premium content that is designed to give an advantage of some sort, usually RP/SL bonuses for progression, to incentivise the purchasing of that content. There aren’t any “pay to win” vehicles that give an overwhelming advantage over any other vehicles.

They can’t reconsider this approach. It is a free to play game and the paid aspects are completely optional content that keeps the game funded. How much more inclusive can you get when you can have players that never ever pay a cent but get to enjoy the game as it is originally designed?


Its also worth noting that every free to play player have access to all the premium content that a paying player who registered their account at the same time has access to.

Via earning event vehicles and selling them on the marketplace. Which takes advantage of paying players paying and funding your future purchases

In other words in principle you can with an account registered in 2024 obtain the IS-7 without paying a dime of IRL money

Literally the only “unfair” advantage I can think of in the game is the premium account insurance mechanic which just prevents a player from going negative after a match.

But with the changes to repair cost being tied to time alive you really shouldn’t have an issue with breaking even without premium account.

I will grant you that the prices for high tier premiums is starting to get a bit out there, and the events require so much play time most people have to pay to do them, but other than that this game has one of the least abusive monetisation plans for F2P titles

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Is there a reason warlord76 is posting this from an account that joined hour ago (around the time this post was made) to talk about vague problem without referencing it?

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Can you be specific about how they are taking financial advantage of people? What in specific are you referencing?

Remember to log out of your alt accounts before posting folks.

I am a paying customer and I have experienced no preferential treatment in this game.

Actually the first response i see which makes sense.
I mean it is obvious that chat gpt OP is involved.

No offense, but when i see posts like this:

or this:

… I am not sure if you are really serious with these posts.

  • I mean you are both very experienced players and have for sure realized that this game is (like almost every other game) optimized to farm the highly profitable market with minors with access to credit cards.

  • The f2p scheme helps together with the PG12 rating to circumvent entry barriers (like a full price title and half price updates) in order to get access to this market - i mean just google the earnings out of mini and makro transactions in the gaming industry.

  • Or in case you have kids you might realize that you rather approve 5 x 20$ than 1 x 100 $ for a video game for your offspring.

  • So just by design a real f2p player just fulfils the role of filling lobbies as the game is designed to earn money with paying players. And the f2p scheme is used to earn more money…

  • From a more holistic pov gaijin is simply unable (not the right product) or unwilling (cost-benefit ratio = not worth the effort) to transform real f2p players into paying customers.

You do know, that you just wasted 5-ish minutes of your time typing this, don’t you? You are not gonna change Gaijin’s mind, you are not gonna change most of the players’ minds, and the only thing you can change is what you can do.

I am fully aware of these things, and I am serious. The game is designed in a way that you are not required to spend any money. You can unlock all the tech tree vehicles without spending any money at all. It isn’t suggested by any player to do so, but it is possible.

I’m not one to speak about who they primarily target and the morality of what they do. They are a business that requires income to be sustained. How they choose to do it is on them. I’m just here to enjoy the game and spend my money on things I deem worth it.