Questionable Squadron

We all acknowledge that there are individuals within the game who extend limits as to what is fair play and what isn’t.

There is a Squadron known as -shoti- that takes 3 to 4 slots on a team in Navel Realistic which appears to do nothing but run a scripted route to a capping point or area. They usually do not make it even through the timed battle. Depending on initial spawn it also creates maneuverability issues not to mention if a skilled player is already zeroed in on that grid location you are doomed.

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To be honest this thread should say something

But it really doesn’t, and there should be a more direct contact with this scenario as the reporting ingame isn’t going to work with this respect.

Now, what you should already do is go through the server replays that you’ve encountered them, review them and ensure they are doing what you think they are, and report them via the server replay interface.

To the point of the squadron itself, I’d hit the GMs, and then the CMs.

Some of them are blatantly obvious with their names like this one. There are entire squadrons of bots and cheaters that have been created for the express purpose of boosting accounts so they can be sold on the secondary market.

^ That, But… best to PM Senior Game Masters tho, and let them know about any suspect squadrons and or bad squadron names

And also this page is a good reference in this case about hacking as well

Some may just be Troll names tho… since they like the attention… But, as I mentioned above… PM Senior Game Masters and do let them know about suspect squadrons, and they will be investigated… and if found to be in breach of the EULA / ToS then actions will be taken as necessary

Thanks Guys! o7