Question, Why must comments on the main website need be premoderated?

So first off I figured general discussion is a good place to post although I’m not sure if there’s a better place to ask or would this be better asked through a message to a GM?

Alright I’ve wonder for a while now but ever since what 2022 making comments on dev blogs or updates or just any news are hit with premoderation before a comment can be shown.

Okay it’s fine & dandy you don’t want people being toxic on such posts or spreading crap about current world politics including those of current conflicts that have no relation to the game, But it’s getting annoying to make a comment which isn’t offensive just either showing up three days later when there’ll be no discussion to be had before the comments are locked or never to show up at all.

Or is this premoderation requirement just me after making that slight rant comment back when the Mitscher class Destroyer Leader was added which resulted in a comment ban that’s now enforced by needing comments to be premodded? (to be honest doubtful on this bit but I figured to ask).

Or is the reason my comments on several posts not showing up due to some daft error or mechanic that deletes comments I send through to be moderated? (kinda like 90% of my comments on youtube which think they’re spam even though most are just War Thunder related to CC’s like Tyrael or Tankenstein).

Most recent example currently is a comment on the French Le Fantasque series Destroyer Le Triomphant devblog, I made the comment roughly an hour after the devblog dropped & accepted the pop up about needing to be premoderated yet looking back it still ain’t there even though younger comments are up like some from only six hours ago, (to be honest lucky it ain’t I’ve been shown the errors in my comments about weaponry placement from other players in discussions on other sites).

In my opinion the comment wasn’t offensive for it didn’t insult anyone an was curious on armament & ammunition for the ship yet it’s nowhere to be seen.

We do not want to have any rule breaking comments and/or comments related to ongoing world events on our main website.

If you want to discuss published article or devblog - forum is best place for it. Comment section on website should be used to leave a short comment on published topic, not to discuss things in more elaborate manner. It’s not prepared for such discussion (you cannot follow your entries, no option to quote comments, limited option to answer comment).