Question to you about IRIS-T and Meteor

Do you think the Meteor and the IRIS-T could be added to the game, or are they still too advanced for that?

Meteor is still a ways off, its one of the longest range ARMs in the world and has a giant NEZ. I could forsee analog IRIS-T coming along in some fashion if they nerfed the IRCCM down from being an imaging based seeker to something in line with the R-73


IRIS-T, ASRAAM, Aim-9X. I reckon will come. and could make an appearance as early as end of this year (in a limited capacity on certain CAS platforms like Tornados)

METEOR. is a very different weapon system. It would be very very powerful and neither the US or USSR have an equal. Which would prevent it from coming to the game currently, even if we were close. I reckon it might one day come, but at least 2 maybe 3 years down the road.


The problem with IRIS-T is not even its IRCCM, it’s the 4 stage motor and the 70G combined. So it can turn, and it can track and burn for really a long time. There’s a video of the ground IRIS-T being used in Ukraine that shows 21 sec more of less of burn time. IT’s crazy.

that was the SLM though

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Doesn’t the air version have similar specs?

as Faster said, that was the SLM model, with an extended booster. Just like the Magic 2 came to game nerfed I could see the IRIS-T getting nerfed down to get it into game


we dont know.

in the end its classified and public information is only so much.

Both have TVC, SLM is larger(but not significantly larger), has a cap on its seeker, and presumably burns for longer.

There’s barely any videos on the SLS/A2A but from the one video where you can see a full launch-to-hit excerpt, the burn time is at least like 8 seconds lol


IRIS-T will be nerfed, LOAL will also most likely be removed, same with craft to missile radio link (think it is only on the SLX?) and thrust vectoring. IRCCM will also most likely be nerfed.

There will also have to be a hybrid between the aim9x and aim9mh and whatever the USSR equivalent is.

Soooooo we seeing a inaccuracy argument and more leaked documents incoming for those. That said - It is the missiles that are meant to be on the SAAF JS39C/D cause we sure as hell are not using aim9 and aim7.

AIM-120D should be more than a match for the Meteor, but either way, both of these are extremely classified with basically completely unknown performances, meaning nobody can say for sure that the Meteor doesn’t have an equivalent.

it isnt anywhere near it , the competitor to the Meteor is the Aim-260, but it isnt close to being finished yet and being in production

we know enough to say the aim 120d is not an equal like i said


It such a match that countries that bought the F35 are trying to get Meteor to work on them so the don’t have to use AMRAAMs or wait for the AIM-260


meteor 37 nm nez yeah thats not coming for years

Most countries have at best the AIM-120C-7, which is significantly worse than the AIM-120D, and are trying to jump on the “buy our missile, it is really good, we promise” bandwagon.

Classic corporation/government lobbying, like the F-104, F-16, F-35, Leopard 2s etc

Right right, I don’t doubt that at all

explain what is the Aim 260 supposed to be then

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The AIM260 in a nut shell
American really doesn’t want us and other nations to use anything that not America made on the F35
They really want us to use their stuff which we don’t want to use but some other countries maybe forced into it

This is LITERALLY what the US is doing with the AIM260 though?
They are keep delaying the integration of the Meteor, hoping that countries will instead buy the AIM260.

The Meteor is much better than any ARH missile the US is using. The ASRAAM and IRIS-T are both better than the 9X.

Not that it matters, all of these missiles will be heavily gimped compared to their Russian counterparts in WT.


Yeah was thinking this, that guy is gunna have to learn that European nations are now meta in game. The US time and time again struggles against European built aircraft, tanks, weapon systems, etc. Its only volume that the US has us beat.

Im waiting for the F22 just so USA mains can moan that it needs to be lower then the EFT as it has no HMD