Question to you about IRIS-T and Meteor

Haha, yeah

you cant really say the asraam and iris t are better considering the new blocks of the aim 9x have some pretty ridiculous capabilities. the aim 120 d3 is also comparably ridiculous.

You know they upgrade IRIS-T and ASRAAM right


ASRAAM has also been undergoing periodic upgrades lol…I’m sure the same can be said for the IRIS-T.

People base their opinion on WT, forgetting that in real life, the UK actually makes some of the best weapons/tech in the world…Luckily there is no RussianBias in real life.

its good, but doesnt get close to the meteor, or why would they develop the Aim 260? They literaly are only developing it, because western countries got the superior missle currently

the newest upgrade is being developed together with Korea even

block 3 isnt and and probably wont be manufactured…

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