Question On Armour Protection, The Upper Front Plate Of T-90M “Breakthrough-3”

Is there any indication that the Upper Front Plate of T-90M “Breakthrough-3” is actually the same as T-90A and further T-72B obraztsa 1989 goda - the “60mm RHA, 5mm Rubber, 3mm RHA, 18mm Air, 3mm RHA, 5mm Rubber, 60mm RHA, 10mm antiradiation material, 50mm RHA” composition, or this is just a gameplay assumption (because there is no available information) and is subject to change?

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If T-90M is sometimes made from upgrading T-90 or T-90A to T-90M standart I doubt its something else but just regular hull armour with simply Relikt package on top.

  • T-90A still uses the same base armor of T-72B for the hull, then T-90M in and it just recycle the armor of T-90A but with a Spall Liner and Relikt on top of it instead of K5 which is much better the BVM hull, but i think it’s does not matter since it still bounce mistaken shot with “K5” on it.
  • Heard someone said Gaijin rejected the doc about T-72B/T-90A/T-90M armor from the factory whoose made those tanks.
  • I don’t think Gaijin wont make any change because the community with Nato lineups gonna mad about it and actually, i think it a good moves from Gaijin, it makes the Russian top tier still have a decent lineup from 10.7 and above because every tank perform basiclly the same, we can proudly call it Russian play style (spam tanks for ground battle instead abusing cas, got death then leave the battle and moaning about winrate like some fan boy).
  • Also, one happy thing for future Russian tanks is Kadvi factory on 16/12/2023 (who in charged for producing engines) say that they gonna introduced new 1500HP (which is a design from the past but got burried) engines for future T-80 lineup (even T-90 can uses this engine but in near future, maybe just the T-80 gonna get it) that Russian resurrected because Armatar engine X has some issuse with the design, if everything get in a right way, we gonna have T-80 with 1500HP engine, superios hull and Burlak turret.
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Do you have any more info? I know T-72B armour alloy is correct in game but what was that doc about to be exact?

Can I see the source?

There are several designs of GTD-1500, some being just boosted, some actually built better. Theres also GTD-1400 which is more reliable version than GTD-1500 and you can make them out of GTD-1250.

It has different transmission only for diesel engines like V2 series, it literally cant do that.

That can happen if they decide to produce them from scratch as Russia has lost ability to produce cast turrets, but Russia still has tons of turrets from T-80B/BVs they can use.


  • the name “T-80BV” refers to both T-80B of an old UFP design with Kontakt-1 added, and T-80BV of a new UFP design.
  • the name “T-64BV” is similar.

So even if Russians upgrade T-90A to T-90M standard by adding/replacing some equipment and engine, newly produced T-90M may still have a new UFP. Nomenclature is inconclusive.

I know that.

They may, but thats under question until we get more info.

This (improbable, but it is from Nizhny Tagil)? Something posted on or elsewhere? I do not know what specific document that is.

Also I do not believe those one-sided stories from Manufacturers and Designers. They advertise their products in any means, but the Ministry of Defence may not buy those product.

The only 1500 hp engines are GTD and X engine. I do not believe that they will update the engine on T-80BVM and T-72B3/T-90M, I mean the MoD will not buy it. For the X engine, those on Izdeliye 187 never achieved 1500 hp, so it must be a completely new design to fit on T-90’s, creating a T-90/T-14 hybrid. Why? The benefit is marginal outside the Tank Biathlon.

I don’t think theres anything to upgrade to, or at least nothing was announced so far.

I stick with it saving 1250 HP engine in the war time.

Thats impractical. T-90 transmission doesnt support X engines, nor it has place to mount monoblock out of T-14 transmission and engine. Its unlogical to replace something that works well with something that doesn’t. Im not saying it breaks down constantly like some may.

Even if you would to expend it to fit monoblock, that means added weight, and reason T-14 can have that because its turret is not as protected as theres no one inside to protect. You could sacrifice side armour but thats important aspect for russian military. Trains are used in Russia to transport tanks on big distances, and trains as well as post soviet bridges limitations are one of reasons for weight limits for post soviet constructors to consider.

I agree with all what you have said, that is why I think the 1500 hp upgrade is improbable - impossible. That will create a tank with a better power-to-weight ratio than any in-game tank, including the ZTZ99A and Type 10. Thus, it is not needed.

But it could be (it is possible to design a prototype) a complete rework by also replacing the transmission, introducing a new powerpack, and giving it a better reverse speed, like what the Ukrainians have done to their Izdeliye 478 series: many choices for domestic and export needs, and 6TD engine keep updating.

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Thats absolutely possible, sure. Russia managed to somehow develop new tanks and modifications for them in 90s-2000s when its economy was at its lowest. They were good but werent pressed into productions for one reason or another. But considering how slow pressing anything into army has been regarding new IFV platforms and new tanks - I doubt that will happen soon.

I remember one russian university carrying out a nice design which is promising, but theres no public knowledge on if it even carried out anywhere.
Theres also these:




I haven’t heard anything about exporting engine or any tank really, I doubt they can produce any RN, and 6TD is good engine but just like X engine of T-14 is told to be, its unreliable which was pointed out by engineers themselves, as well as their american collegues after tests.

This is just what nations usually do. They keep upgrading old platforms (T-62 series, T-72 series, T-80 series, T-90 series, BMP-1/-2 series, BMP-3 series) while designing new ones.

BMP-3 is made ubiquitous. BRM-3K, 9P157-2 “Khrizantema-S”, 2S38 “Derivatsiya-PVO”, they are all based on BMP-3, and there have been projects of 120mm gun-mortars and ZPRK ( TKB-841, a light Pantsir-S1).

Many of the newly “modern” “universal” chassis are products of Anatoly E. Serdyukov and his idea of relinquishing divisions in favour of brigades. Light vehicles have mostly been accepted into service (like the Taifun AFV). VPK-7829 “Bumerang” and “Kurganets”-25 are the controversial ones.

They will remain controversial … even if MoD wants a serial production of “Bumerang”.

For those tanks, Burlak, T-80BV-RM, having the technology is good. Like Relikt, it is old technology, it is seen there on the T-80BV-RM and T-90SM, but it is only used on T-80BVM at 2016.


More or less a problem with the Ukrainian tank industry. There have been newer versions, 6TD-3, 6TD-4. And 5TD on T-64 is simply worse, but still deployed in large numbers. Thailand has some 478 (BM Oplot).

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Firstly used in 2006 on T-72B2, it wasn’t pressed into production. T-90M comes from 2012 (we have trials video) and it has Relikt mounted.

Thats what has been going on since cold war start.

They dont have much else and throwing away a tank while you cant produce or get some is bad idea.

Probably user of most Oplots.

Or Bird Catcher (“Птицелов” in Russian)



Correct, I keep thinking about T-80’s, completely forget T-72B2 “Rogatka”. So it is approximately a decade to implement one thing into service.

By 5TD on T-64, I actually want to compare 478/T-84/BM Oplot to the T-64 in the Soviet Era. What occured to the Malyshev Factory is unknown.

No, I know Ptitselov. Here is the different one (a lot older) with 8 95Ya6 missiles and 2 2A72 (as a downgrade to 2A38). This combat module seems to be called 30Yu6 “Pantsir-S1-O”.


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  • New engines from Kadvi gonna “prefer” for new production of T-80 (not sure what is the base model), T-90 can use it (if they want), the old T-80 only get upgrade option to BVM standard and that’s all for them and none of factory that hold T-80 license (Omsk) produce new T-80 for ages untill now.
  • New transmission for next production T-80 might only get the latest -20KM/H reverse that shown recently but main purpose still to “standardlize” the engine for Russian MBT lineup because T-14 engine show too many problems for mass production, it’s still depend on UVZ, if they can do it, they might grab that 1500hp engine and slap to it, replace the mess that Chelyabinsk lab left for UVZ.
  • The reason why they just throw the new 1500HP engine to the face:
  1. V-92S2F (currently for T-90M/72B3’s) engine reach it’s limit, push more require more works for it and not worth it, ask Chelyabinsk lads.
  2. T-14 engines need more “money” and “time” to mature or might even abandoned (24th National Conference on Science and Technology reports)
  3. Omsk and Leningrad have a lots of design, some even better then T-90M or some aspect can exceed T-14 so dumb all of resources on T-14 is a waste of money and tims ---- Object 219M flashbacked, one of them is the super charged GTD-1250 ->> 1400 (this might be the base for the new 1500HP ?)
  4. Kurgan factory CEO just got" Violating state regulations" charge recently so worst case, no future for the Kurganets project and Engine X might even got hanged in the tree if the factory can’t fix it.
    —> Russian try to make a universal engine that replace the GTD-1250 (no license) and V-92S2F (out of potential to upgrade) that can fit on all tank from 3 main factory (T-80/T90) while minimize resource for the 2V-12-3A 1500 of T-14.

No plant for new transmission for future production T-90 because UVZ is behind you.

Thats the engine I referenced.

Where do you take all this from? Can I see source of what you base these on?

behind me? You can DM me in your prefered language if you want to.

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