Question - Battle Pass 1-5 Daily Points System

I’m only on my 2nd battle pass and on the 24th Jan when it reset, my daily battle pass points went from 5 every day back to 1.

Does anyone know how many days of continually logging in do the points go up to 2 a day, and then 3 a day, 4 a day, to the max of 5 points a day? With that I was almost able to jump a battle pass tier every day with the 2 and 3 point missions.

I’m up to i think 82 days of logging in so i’m close to the 100 day Veteran decal.
It would be nice to know when the points go up.

Thank you

If you go to the battlepass progress window, it should tell you right below the red progression bar.
At least that is where i believe it is.

If I remember correctly, it increases every 15 days up to 5 points.


General info (including the above) is here: Battle Pass Seasons - War Thunder Wiki

Current season is here: Battle Pass: Season XIV, "Airborne General" - War Thunder Wiki

Days logged into the game Award in progress points
1 – 21 1
22 – 42 2
43 – 63 3
64 – 77 4
78 – 91 5
Da rulez: Battle Pass Seasons - War Thunder Wiki

Your chart even looks better than mine… :(

Thanks guys for replying. I will print an A5 screenshot of the chart. Now I know how the system works.