Question about which premium plane i should get

I have about 70 ish dollars and i wanna use it on war thunder
i mainly play sweden so i could get the J35A/XS but i could also get the MI-28A
the only problem i have with the J35a/xs is that there are no bombs, very few flares, and only aim-9b/p
i do have the money to get something else but im just wondering whether i should get anything other than the J35A/XS
I do also like the SU-25k and A-10 early but im not sure about getting those because i dont have tanks for those trees

My recommendation is F4S and MIG23ML, depending on which tree you want to grind, then is the J35XS, the problem with J35XS is it faces F-14a, F4EJKAI and F-4J/S, which can fire a long-range missile without alert.

The J35XS is a good plane right now because of the matchmaking it gets, it only takes 1 flare to defend a missile, so only having 12 isnt that bad, and you get 6 decent missiles and good flight performance

Skip the J35A and get the XS. Very good jet since it never goes to a full uptier but does get frequent full downtiers.
Even up tiered to 11.3 it’s good because it out turns many and has a good reserve of AIM-9P’s. The 12 high calibre flares are also enough because one pop dodges most missiles and they’ll have trouble getting in a good shooting angle for you to waste ALL your flares. Even if they have all-aspects which aren’t all they are cracked up to be imo.

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Buy the J35XS.It’s quite good at it’s BR and in downtier it’s hard to defeat it.

I have done probably around 160 matches in the J35XS and have never faced an F-14 or had a full 1.0 BR uptier.
I have faced many variants of F-4’s but they typically go for a base first making them vulnerable. Once you’re behind them they are dead with or without flares.
It’s true you don’t have an alert due to no rwr but I think I have been blown up maybe three times by AIM-7’s. I have however blown up F-4’s faaaar more often so wouldn’t be a consideration for me not to get the J35XS.
But to each their own of course!

You want to bomb bases and do some semi BVR combat, get the F4S.
Wanna do dogfighting, most of which in downtiers, get the J35XS.
Wanna do something in between, get the MiG-23ML.