Question about the chinese PT 76 that was replaced by Object 211

So before the update I unlocked the Chinese PT 76 that was replaced by Object 211. It was researched but I haven’t bought it because I read (sadly can’t remember where) that if you unlock it will still be in your tree, but for me it dissapeared.
Could someone point me in the right direction?

That’s how it should work anyways, not sure why it would be gone.

Should I open a ticket to support?

The update changelog said players that had researched and purchased the PT-76 would keep it. The details were down close to the bottom of the La Royal changelog details. You might want to go check the changelog for clarification.


Looks like you needed to have purchased it, my bad for expecting logic and consistency from Gaijin.
Funny they can just take 40k of RP from you and send it into Narnia

Usually stuff like that is moved over into the premium side of the tech tree


As we mentioned during the dev server and update changelog, you had to fully research and purchase the PT-76 before its removal in order to keep it.

We announced this initially on May 30th during the first dev server to give people sufficient time and then again with a two week warning when the major update released on June 14th:

“PT-76 (China) - The tank will be hidden (in two weeks from the major update release) from the Chinese ground vehicles tree and will be not available for research. Vehicle will be added to the group with the new unit from this update - the Object 211 and will remain with players who have researched and purchased this unit.”

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Ok, I understand now. Ty for the info.