Question about the AB 205 A-1 I do not understand if it is a bug or not

AB 205 a-1 is a helicopter that can fire even with only one pilot. Why is it that if the enemies kill me one of the 2 pilots I can no longer use the weapons?

In case of loss of one of the 2 pilots I can only drive the helicopter and not use the weapons… but this does not make sense because AB 205 a-1 because it is a helicopter that could be operated by only one pilot. So even if I get killed by one of the 2 pilots I should still be able to use his armament.

This is a bug that needs to be fixed?

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I dont see any harm in reporting it as a bug and seeing what they come back with

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Same for all Huey’s, the reason is the co-pilot is the “Gunner” so has the weapons control. Probably a hang over from the fact the original Huey’s needed the co-pilot for guiding the missiles.

You’d still likely need to prove the Pilot and Co-pilot have the same controls for fixed unguided weapons.

Source: Installed on the AB 2005 A-1 ‘the M 21 system’ consisting of an M 134 and an M 157 rocket launcher with seven 70mm tubes on each side of the helicopter.

Under special conditions, the roles of the two crew members could be swapped and the 1st pilot could also fire machine guns using his own aiming device, while the 2nd pilot could fire rockets without any aiming capability.

So theoretically even if you lose a pilot you can still fire the M134 Minigun, you simply can no longer fire rockets with a single pilot, so you have to choose which weapon you want to fire as your primary and secondary weapon.