Question about an USSR 10/10.3 lineup

So i’m currently building a new lineup with the BMP-2M, 2S25M, Strela-10M2, Su-25 and an MBT.
I have 2 questions about that, first about the MBT, i can’t decide between the T-80B and the T-72B (1989). T-80B is basically better in almost every way than the T-72 but it is 0.3 higher in br. So do the T-80B worth increasing my whole lineup br or should i stick with the T-72?
And the second question concerns the Strela. The BMP-2M can fulfill AA role pretty well and the Strela can’t do anything about tanks compared to other SPAA. So should i skip it and put another tank instead or keep it?

I don’t know about T-80B since I don’t have it. But regarding the AA BMP-2M is pretting good to kill heli with missiles and 30mm but lack range with CAS at this BR except when they fly very low. The strela got missiles with great manoeuvrability and good flares resistance but lack range to lock heli using ATGM at 4-5 km and more. Missiles are also very dumb sometimes missing plane flying straight and lack thermal unlike other SAM. I personally use the 2s6 even if this bring me to 10.7.

Your choice really depend on you but the bmp got great versatility against tanks, IFV and heli but this will not replace an AA. The strela is better against fast plane and close heli but useless against everything else.

akay, thx for the answer!

I’d say to roll with the T-80B, I’m in the middle of the process of spading my backlog for the upcoming sale, and two vehicles I’ve been playing around with are the T-80B and T-72B. Losing the thermals and mobility ain’t worth it unless you really get perma uptier to 11.3.

For the Strela, I don’t personally have it, but while completely worthless against helis, it remains a missile capable of turning unlike other MANPADs, so do test if it has decent lock range against fixed wings, and if it does it might be worth to keep around.

If you do yeet the Strela, consider the Khriz, it’s capable against helis thanks to it’s radar, and it’ll cut anything in half with it’s missile. Not particularly meta, but it has it’s moment.

T-72M2 Moderna

aright i think i will go for the T-80B and exeprience with the strela and the Khriz, thx for the answer!