Que times

More of query, it’s taking over 5 mins to get into a game.
I haven’t played much of WT, in WoT its seconds, why does it take this long?

Depends on what game mode you are in, what BR, server and time of day. Realistic ground and arcade ground tend to be fast at all times (tend to, sometimes hit a wait of 2 or 3 minutes late at night). Arcade air tends to have no wait up to jets. At that point, realistic is usually faster. Realistic air at all BRs tend to be fast.
Naval, especially realistic, is always slow, tending to be slower during US night hours. Arcade will usually have a wait of 3 to 5 minutes. Realistic will be 10 minutes or more. Hope this helps.
If you have relatively fast, reliable internet, you can try adding the other servers, if you haven’t already. That opens up many more matches. You might want to think about changing the setting for joining matches already in progress. If you are set to just join new games, you may have to wait until other matches are completed and the players join the que for a new game.

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its saturday, i’m playing ground at 5.3 BR

Are you on console? If yes turn on crossplay.

Realistic is where most people play.

no im the PC master race mate

I’ve had the account a while but I’ve only just started playing.
I’ve not looked at realistic yet, my main game is WoT so I gravitated towards ground battles.
I’m playing at 5.3 but I opened my wallet to get there ;)

Ngl, some areas might be dead with the event going on. Higher ranks and realistic/sim give better multipliers for the event so people might be grinding there at the moment.

There was a post on the old forum about the most played modes, iirc it was ground AB, air AB, ground RB, air RB, and way behind naval and sim.

Personally I play mostly air AB, naval AB, some ground AB and sometimes jets in air RB, longest queue times are usually on naval.

Depending on where you live and how good your connection is, you can select multiple servers at the same time.

For example, I live in EU and got a fast internet connection so I always play with EU, RU and US servers selected. I also play a lot around the same BR as you, which I believe is the most played BR of the entire game, and my queue times are almost non existent, most times I press the button to join a battle and I instantly get a match.
Another good reason to do it is if you play very early or very late, cause you will find a lot of matches outside of your region’s server instead of waiting.