Quality of life changes/improvements to War Thunder

Quality of life changes to War Thunder

(In no particular order… if anything its in reverse order of importance)

Boosters do not expire (RP and SL boosters)

Crew Train cost removed (or 1 and done -they are maybe doing this in the next update? the wording is ambiguous)

  • this is 2 main reasons, imo, 1. its a very outdated system. i should be able to move my tanks/vehicles to any slot i want and change them for any reason, without being penalized. 2. You guys are Constantly changing BR’s of vehicles, which means i have to spend Silver lions and time to fix your “balance issues” (a few other reasons, but very minor compared to these 2)

STOP making maps smaller (mostly with the idiotic red zones that make small maps even smaller. Leave the map to have 90%+ of its Map, not just have a map and then have 20% that is actually usable

  • 2nd part, there should be NO areas that if you even knick them the countdown timer starts… it needs to have the warning before the countdown starts (id also like the countdown increased… to about a minute… some times you are in a slow tank and its extremely frustrating to try and get back into the zone, before the timer runs out)

bring back the Sniping spots and stop removing them (walling them off with rocks/terrain, or cutting them out of the map with either making the maps dinky or the NEW thing you guys are doing by just red zoning everything, which again, is extremely stupid and annoying)

  • the solution is to give spawns/areas defalades and buildings/rocks to hide behind. not completely removing sniping spots or long range maps (aka big maps)
    Laymans terms is you protect (at least partially) players and their spawns with terrain/obstructions and mostly safe ways to go… not Remove good spots on the map.

Crew XP GREATLY increased, especially in ground RB… It needs to be basically buffed by 100 times, the low amount of crew xp gained is beyond absurd and pathetic.

Research RP - This also needs to be Greatly buffed/increased (or have the cost of vehicles Greatly reduced) at least 10 times as much research RP needs to be gained, compared to what it is now. (they are maybe doing this next roadmap/update too… but hopefully its not trash and actually Significantly helps) - another bonus that we should have is if we already spaded a vehicle, we should get increased research points of our tech tree vehicles, not just Lose this rp when a vehicle is spaded (so reward us for having a vehicle spaded, not punish us by limiting our research/progression)

True Ground Only mode, in addition to Mixed battles mode. Moronic and even insulting (at this point) to not have the option to choose which one you want to play.


Neat, go make a suggestion post where this may actually matter.


Best april fool ever !



None of these qualify as QoL improvements, except maybe boosters not expiring, but even that runs into affecting the monetization/progression-rate side of things.

Crew training elements, as much as I’d like them improved, again are in no way a simple QoL issue and are tied into progression/etc.

Increasing RP earned I shouldn’t even need to comment on…

The map and mode stuff is fairly major gameplay design and balance related personal preferences, not QoL in any remote sense of the term.

This is more like: “Significant, major changes to War Thunder that personally appeal to me”


They would appeal to MOST people

minus probably the trolls that like abusing CAS, and tormenting people in ground RB

They are all things that would improve the quality of the game, and the peoples lives… All of them are changes that people would like and Prefer. Again the ONLY exception being people who abuse CAS, not wanting a(n actually) ground forces mode.


not an april fools at all… In fact i almost waited until tomorrow to post this, so i didnt get any trolls/morons saying/thinking that.

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That still doesn’t change the fact that they aren’t qol improvements, but rather subjective changes you want made.


I actually agree with everything I read here.

I would suggest the out of bounds timer to be based on the vehicle type/speed. I think 60 seconds will have people cheating on light tanks to go out of the map.

The “sniper” positions will get a certain forum moderator upset… They do need to stop screwing up the maps though. That I heavily agree with. Making everything a flat spot is like asking people to make their brains smoother. Let’s all play flat even ground. More fun if die fast and get next loading screen…

Crew rotation/research I can get behind for sure.

Ground only mode won’t happen. I’m just throwing that out there.


okay and what would you Quality of Life, or what do you think would not be a good change, for everyone?

QoL is somewhat subjective though, right?

Eventually stale mechanics or failed mechanics being removed does improve the quality of life.

Again, for the most part it’s very subjective overall. Like we may hate certain buffs or debuffs to our favorite systems.

Let’s not get caught up on the ground only mode 😂. I think we can all agree crew mechanics being reworked, and the maps unfudged would be nice changes at least.

I think we typically agree in our discussions. Not that this guy’s opinions are for all the community but they seem like a decent improvement to the game in its later years.


i mean… Cheating isnt really a thing… there thats just a… bonus they can get/do for being fast and taking a risk. but i get your point

and ground only mode will probably NOT happen, but it really Should. It would be such an easy thing to implement and even experiment doing, so they can gauge interest and what not.

To a certain degree, but not to the degree that these things fall into it. QoL changes/improvements as a general usage term tends to mean things that improve basic functionality/etc while not fundamentally altering the game/mechanics/balance/etc. That is to say, not mechanics changes, progression speed changes, balance changes, gamemode changes, and so on; these are all major/normal game changes. QoL is more like tidying up the game as it currently exists.

I generally dislike being pedantic, but this paired with OP’s “all the things I personally want would be objectively better for the game and should happen regardless of how infeasible” and that all-too-common “we / the community” in place of “I” tends to bother me.

I can absolutely agree with this. Crew skills and related systems are some of the worst offenders for basically-pay-to-win in the game, and absolutely need a rework. The issue is it runs into the it’s-part-of-the-monetization wall.

On the more potentially-realistic side of things we could ask for, I nominate Expert/Ace applying across all crew slots, and the ability to remove crew skill points. I would actually consider both to be great examples of QoL improvements, if not for that monetization issue being tied into this.

But on that note, I would probably spend quite a lot of GE on Aces if it was a permanent upgrade for the vehicle (instead of by slot), which, well you can argue that doesn’t help the P2W issue but it at least is a point in favour of the “it would still general money” angle, which realistically must be considered. As for removing and reassigning crew skill points, there would have to be some kind of system to prevent abuse (as in, removing all your Air points to put into Ground whenever you switch modes), so maybe some sort of SL cost per amount of points returned to the pool, as an idea.

For boosters not expiring, again it would be a QoL improvement if not for being caught up in monetization. Not of the boosters themselves, but because by hoarding them people could effectively speed up their research literally at all times, at least for a given new vehicle/etc. I would like to see it, but I fear it would come alongside research speed being taken away in some other way.

As for map stuff, there’s two things. Removing “sniper spots” tends to almost always been “massively overbearing power positions”, so I tend to consider them improvements.

Especially if it’s a “flank into power position” type situation, as that essentially boils down to wanting to be able to have a massively advantageous position, often towards the enemy spawn and virtually always into their flanks where they’re not looking, in Ground RB that has the “wonderful” combo of third-person seeing over cover while you’re literally invisible, no enemy markers (itself fine) so the enemy team is at a massive disadvantage in using “natural teamwork/communication” (what online PvP games are built on) to detect you, and for good measure optics inside gun barrels and same-on-every-tank reticles for easy pixel sniping.

Add in a position you can get to without being seen, which then also gives you an advantage even after opening fire (not how flanks are supposed to work, in a balance sense), plus the inherent steamrolliness of the spawn point system (instead of free or set spawns like every other mode), of planes having insane visibility due to their own third-person (I’m not opposed to CAS, mind) and again lack of markers/targeting to communicate (Naval RB has targeting but no markers, for example), and so on.

Ground RB is probably the worst offender for “gameiness” in WT, because of all this put together; taking out overpowered map positions is the least the devs can do to improve this.

As for smaller map sizes, this continues to be misrepresented around here (and reddit, but more so here) as being something universal, when it’s actually only the single-cap maps. It’s always been weird that single-cap maps have the same borders as three-cap, so if anything it’s also weird it’s taken this long to fix it.

For a good demonstration of the “usefulness” of the massively-distant-from-objective parts of the map, here’s a neat reddit post with a time lapse of the minimap.

I would also like to say that I (almost) exclusively play WWII vehicles, and would personally prefer a tank-only mode (as in, only WWII and only tanks), but those personal preferences don’t really align with WT’s design and vision, so I don’t argue for them.


Disagreement in terms , as well as definition.

Those things i listed are Quite Basic, and arguably necessities. And nothing Game breaking or even close to it is listed. These are all benefits and good changes all around (again the only point of possible contention should be the true ground mode only listing… but even that is not game breaking… that is simply hitting a toggle switch and changing : Planes allowed in game, from ON… to OFF, or from YES, to NO)

i didnt say yo, make tanks that can fly, and make it so tanks all have 1 second reload times, or yo, give us 10 million RP for each kill, or other insane things… i said VERY reasonable and what should be Very easy things to implement into the game… and would improve the Quality of Life/Living/Gaming of Every player.

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We used to have non-expiring boosters. They set them on a timer, because supposedly the inventories of the players got too full and affected their servers…

Dont the inventories save in people’s own pc’s?

That’s BS.

For example people strictly into realism would also disagree, even itlf they don’t play CAS, simply because being bombed and rather helpless against qir targets IS the realistic experience for a tank crew.

I can understand that not liking his wording. I guess I’d just try to see past the wording here. Maybe provide guidance were it is acceptable. From my perspective as an engineer here, changes that are not new features are typically QoL in a system this old. I suppose the “quality” changes depend on the team making the changes.

Nice, I like the crew recommendations a lot! I can 100% agree on ace skills.

I think we disagree on the map changes, but that’s okay.

Thanks for circling back to this. 😎


Well that’s just nonsense haha. Affected their servers 😂.

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No, there needs to be a server side account of each inventory. Otherwise you could easily exploit this to give yourself whatever you wanted.

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Mhm - trying to bomb a tank without guided ammunition for “people strictly into realism” is futile as they won’t have the necessary precision.

Even the famous Stuka sucked with dive bombing on tanks - feeling helpless and being in danger are different things.