Q5's need a buff

With the JH-7A coming in the next major update, i believe that the vehicles before need some sort of buff for them to be worth playing. The Q5 early is fine but i feel like the Q5A which is the same BR needs more ground pounding weaponary. compare the Q5A loadout to the A5C, the A5C can carry more and heavier bombs and rockets while also having access to air to air missiles such as the Magic 1’s and the AIM-9P’s. The Q5L, one of the more advanced Q5 variants, Lacks any form of countermeasures whatsoever which it should get as well as air to air missiles such as a PL-5 or PL-2E (which i believe should be an AIM-9E) and should get more heavier bombs like the A5C. i believe a premium shouldnt outshine a Tech Tree vehicle (especially a more modern variant) at bomb ground pounding and air to air capabilities.