Q5 BR and performance

This is a thread of discussion for Q5, including Q5 early, Q5A and Q5L.
Lately there had been rumours of BR changes, especially with the separation of ground and air BRs. I heard it is possible Q5L would go up to 10.3-10.7 in ground realistic, but it is currently very weak in any mode, the lack of AA missiles, no counter measures, guided bomb is carried very limited, especially in comparison to Su25, which is at 10.0, with much better loadout, obviously balanced out by its mobility. The three main things I would personally want to know is one, whether it is true that the Q5L had a payload of only 2 500kg bombs, the truth about the countermeasures carried and is there records of an AA missile once carried by Q5L.




I think the second picture was acknowledged but not added, it is a bit painful though. Any sources for AAM? I can find no more than ones stuck on the end of a stick like a toy.

And since the beginning they are higher in Simulation, so totally absurd and unplayable. In addition to have a total crap Flight model compared to a mig 19 who are so more agile and less compression! And its a mig 19 modernised!! Poor A5C too…Always catched by F5C, Migs, F100D etc…everybody can come from your face, U turn and catch you while you are straight with climb and speed advantage, you will finish by be screwed and killed each time. hard to catch mach 1 without paylaod and low fuel near the ground straight.


I don’t think F100D is a great example since the AIM9Bs can not hit anything unless directly behind doing no maneuver. Otherwise I agree to a large extent.

i don’t speak about missiles!