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The PzH M44A1 was introduced into the newly founded West-German army in 1958 as one of the first self-propelled guns used by West Germany, to replace the obsolete M7 Priest SPG’s which were used before. The M44 was based on a reversed M41 hull, and was armed with a 155mm howitzer, as well as a 12,7mm M2 Browning machine-gun to deter air-attacks or serve in a secondary anti-personnel role, though in that case something would have to have gone seriously wrong.

The specific A1 variant of the M44 was introduced in the later 1950’s, the perfect time for Germany to skip on the M44 base model and instead receive the M44A1. This improved variant had a different, more fuel efficient engine, the “Continental AOS-895-6”, which increased the range of the SPG to around 130km.

The M44A1 remained in German service until 1966.



Crew: 5
Weight: 29 tons
Armor: 12mm max
Main armament: 155mm M114 howitzer (24 shells)
Secondary armament: 12,7mm M2HB (900 rounds)
Elevation angles: 65° / -5°

I personally would love to see the M44 ingame, as it is a nice piece of German military history after the second world war. It would be a useful direct-fire assault gun, and the roof-mounted .50cal is always useful no matter what vehicle has it.

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PzH M44 (Bw)
PzH M44 (Bw)
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