PzH 2000 - Technical and General discussion

yup, there was a time they made arty a bit stronger and it tracked ppl all the time and everyone bitched about the fact they could sit in an arti barrage and come out unscathed

people needing to avoid artillery and not just sitting there waiting it out??? sacrilige


they are so big on realism with the recent patches, but of course they dont care about stuff like that

It have Laser rangefinder. it makes me so pound.

😭my suggestion for the PzH 2000 got rejected…
wth man

So do I, bro
But one PzH 2000 Suggestion was posted today.
Perhaps that post was submitted before our writing.

Actually i re checked and all my suggestions got accepted but i cant see any of them

Same here. I got a notification of acceptance for advertising the very first 1920s Shimakaze but the post did not appear. Maybe I did something wrong…

i asked leroyonly and am waiting for his response atm. lets see if the suggestions actually have to go thru a second hidden phase of screening by the senior moderators

lol check how many:

(i cant find any of these)

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Heads up that the Pzh2000 was passed for consideration back in Oct 2020 on the old forums.

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yeah for whatever reason they didnt take over every suggestion

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Honestly, its a little odd, and very annoying that the VIDAR is here before the pzh2000

well i dont think it is odd, when you remember that sweden basicaly is the better treated german tree currently


fair point

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even “if” we get the PSO, germany needs a bit more then only that to show it is getting treated better again

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Not only would this make a fantastic addition to the German and Italian trees, but it also means more derp guns, which is always good to see.

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I asked to mods because of same issue.
and they told me that means suggestion was rejected.