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About History

In 1987, Germany BWB (now BAAINBw) launched a project for the new SPG because the PzH 155-1 project was failed.
Consortium South(Krauss-Maffei, Porsche, KUKA) and North (Weggman,MaK-Kiel) have enter the project.

South group built a six-wheeled hull made of components of Leopard 2; the North group built seven-wheeled hull and used Leopard 1’s technology.
As a drivetrain for both prototypes, MTU’s engine and Renk’s transmission were used.
Weapon systems were provided by Rheinmetall.

During the development phase and comparative studies, the WTD and army actively participated to test prototypes, provide advice to companies, and implement necessary decisions at the beginning of the project.

North group takes contract because of better ammunition flow and turret system.

Between 1991 and 1993, four similar prototypes were built (PT01 to PT04) by North group. The hull was built at MaK and the turrets at Wegmann.

From September 1993 to march 1995, driving dynamics and performance, weapons, navigation system, weather condition and etc… tests were went on.
During the test, the vehicle was exposed to extreme weather ranging from -30° to +50° , fired 17,400 rounds and travelled 20,000km on and off road.

On march 14 1996, the German Ministry of Defence issued a production contract for a first lot of 185 PzH 2000s to Wegmann & Co. The contract had a value of DM 1.7 billion.
Wegmann served as a prime contractor for the project. but in 1999 the company merged with Krauss-Maffei to become Krauss-Maffei Wegmann GmbH & Co. KG.
The first series-production vehicle rolled out on 01 July 1998, and it delivered to the ArtLehrBtl 345 in Kusel.

At the same time, when the last series-production vehicle was fielded, KWS (combat capability improvement) program was implemented and all vehicles were modified into A1 version.
Therefore, all currently operating PzH 2000s of Bundeswehr are not less then A1 versions.

Part of improvements was an automatic air pressure governor for the rammer of auto-loading system, which replaced a manual one. and strap system of the driver’s seat was replaced by a new one. most important thing is all the vehicles were fitted with a more powerfull data processing unit for the operating and control system.

In 2010, Bundeswehr modified seven PzH 2000 A1 to the improved A2 standard. these seven A2 vehicles replaced A1 versions deployed in Afghanistan.
Main features of improvement were an air-conditioning system in the hull and charge storege and SEA 8kW APU that replaced the earlyer 1.9kW one, also fitted with the Mobile Multispektrale Tarnausstattung (MMT) mobile multispectral camouflage system.
From 2013 onward, an additional 27 vehicles were upgraded to A2 standard.

In 2021, Germany and the Netherlands agreed to jointly define & execute a Mid-Life Update to the operational Pzh2000 in their inventories and ensure standardisation and availability.




Five Crew, Commander, Driver, Gunner, two Loaders


Rheinmetall 155mm L/52 Howitzer, JBMOU compatible

  • Horizontal 360°, Vertical -2.5° to +65°

  • 3 Rounds in 10sec, Up to 12 rds/min

  • 60 Ready projectiles, Stored in the hull

  • 288 moduler charges or 48 conventional bag charge , Separately stored in 48 cylinders at back of turret by 3 sliding doors

  • Up to 30~56km of range

  • V0 945m/s (L15A1, 6 Charges)

7.62mm MG at turret roof, 1,200 rounds


Protected by welded armor, Up to 14.5mm MG and 152mm shrapnel

Add-on 60mm “Hedgehog Armor”, to protect hull & turret’s roof from shaped charge bomblet

76mm Smoke grenade x8

“MMT” SAAB Baracuda multispectral camouflage system


11.7m / 3.5m / 3.4m (L / W / H)

57.6t with add-on armor (55.8t without add-on armor)

MTU MT 881 Ka-500 (736 kW, 1,000 PS at 2,700rpm)

RENK HSWL 284C (Max 62km/h, Forward 4 / Reverse 2)

420km Operational range


PERI RTNL-80 Commander periscope

PERI-R19 mod Panoramic telescope

TN 80 Tank sight


L15A1 HE

DM111 HE

DM121 HE


DM702 “SMArt 155” DPICM

DM115 Smoke

DM116 Illumination

Other NATO Standard munitions


DM72 / DM92 High-zone Modular Charge

DM82 Low-zone Modular Charge



PERI-R19 mod

Hedgehog armor

File:Panzerhaubitze 2000 Dachschutz.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Charge storege

Charge rack
Charge rack

V0 Measurer

Ausrüstung und Technik: Die Panzerhaubitze 2000
Panzerhaubitze 2000 – Wikipedia

Smoke grenade

Panzerhaubitze 2000 PzH 2000 A1 (AM-00268) | Flickr


Panzerhaubitze 2000 PzH 2000 A1 (AM-00269) | Flickr
DVIDS - Images - Dynamic Front 22 [Image 1 of 8]








PzH 2000 02 - KNDS










File:Lithuanian Armed Forces PzH2000.jpg - Wikimedia Commons




No photos, sorry



Panzerhaubitze 2000 – Wikipedia

Panzerhaubitze 2000 A1/A2, Tankograd in Detail: Fast Track 14, 2015

PzH 2000 - KNDS

Most advanced artillery systems with range dominance | Rheinmetall

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12rds in 59.74s(Youtube link)


One of my alltime most awaited vehicles in WT.

Pisses me off Russia keeps getting SPH’s and this vehicle has been passed to devs for like 4+ years and still hasnt been added ffs.

Everyone knows Russia totally needed a 2S1 way more than Germany/Italy needed the Pzh2000 🙄


She was introduced in one battalion of the Artillerielehrregiment 5 when I served there as a conscript in 1998/99 and we have been very excited about the performance. In contrast to the old 109 - what a successful system! - she actually is able to target directly and could be implemented in War-Thunder easily. Does anybody know which other and older selfpropelled howitzers could perform direct targeting?


Can you remember the magnification of direct fire sight - TN80?
According to the information I found on the Internet, it was x8, but I couldn’t see the exact source.

Unfortunately not. I´ve been in a reconnaissance battery and have very little knowledge of the howitzer-technology itself.

That’s sad.
But thank you for telling me your old story.

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You know, there´s not much to tell for conscripts of the german army late 90s :). But the excitement for the new PzH was a real thing.

Maybe unpleasant memories about conscriptions? um…

Not at all. Well, some… XD

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Something I think would be really cool with this howitzer is since it uses modular charges, I’d like to see WT allow you to pick the same type of projectile with different charge numbers to allow you to lob shells at capture points and stuff.

I’d also love for 155mm HE not to be so anemic ingame…



It will be a nuke shell XD
Suppose it use Comp B (1.3 times better then TNT ), it will have a 14.7kg of TNT.


only problem is current 155mm HE shells should already be doing significantly more damage to tanks than they do, so theres a clear issue with high caliber HE performance vs tanks. I should be able to direct hit most/any tanks UFP and expect atleast decent damage to the barrel and tracks for example, but barring hit in direct HE weakspots, HE shells really just dont do much at all.

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Does someone know if the PzH 2000 had stabilizer during movements?

No, it dosn’t have it.

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She hasn´t. But when the PzH 2000 reaches her destination she can start firing very quickly and thus leave the place again much earlier than older systems ever could. That and the incredible rate of fire was and still is I think a major improvement.

was more intrested for the implementation in war thunder, and stabilizers are quite good, that being said 155mm direct hit should dissamble anything

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Oh absolutely. An HE that size would cripple a tank crew for sure.

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if gajinn fixes HE shells, right now i would say they underperform


iirc US tests basicly concluded a hit from a 155mm HE shell within like 10m of a tank is basically a write off of the tank irl, and this was with older shells with less HE filler than something like L15A1. Direct hits or airbursts near a tank would basically ruin everything that wasnt inside the tanks main armor.

I for one, would not want to be in a metal box getting hit by a 43.5kg HE shell with 11kg of TNT at 1000m/s

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in the mean time, i ignore artillery barages in the game cause anything that isnt a direct hit just doesnt kill