Pz II Ausf.C (Early)

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I would like to suggest the Pz II Ausf.C in its early form for a possible WW1-Interwar Mode.
Overall its similar to the current Pz II Ausf.C however with some changes noted below.
In game it would offer simply a Light Tank Pre WW2 option that is simple to use and relatively good/balanced for a WW1-Interwar mode.

The differences would be:

  1. No Periscope ring, instead a Square hatch, with a triangular spash guard in front and a Periscope in the roof.
  2. No 14,5-20mm add on armor, instead just the basic 14,5mm armor.
  3. No Pzgr.40, that was only given to the troops in 1940 in the French campain.

2 cm KwK 30 L/55 1x Coax Mg 34 and 1x optional Mg 34 AA/GP on the right side of the hull is a mount. (Visible on picture 2 and 3)
180 Rounds, 280 Rpm, 10 round mags.
-10° to +20° 360° travers 25°/sec and higher. (Free ungeared Traverse) and shoulder stab

Its ammo loadout would only include 2-3 rounds: (Click to show)


Pzgr. L`Spur. o.Zerl. (Ph.) (ApI-T) 0,148kg 800m/s 37mm/10m

Note: Used against ground targets. Soft and armored. 3g White Phosphor Core.
Were fully replaced by the empty ones and later .Zerl in the Desert and other hot places, as the Phostphor had a nasty tendicy to self ignite in hot weather.
The Ph. marked ones were standart with the filler, however they also existed with an O. which indicated they didnt have a filler and were only 143g (and 805 - 810 m/s).


Sprgr. L`Spur. m.Zerl. (Hef-T Sd.) 0,120kg 900m/s 6,2g Pent (10,54g) 5mm/10m

Screenshot 2024-05-10 000937

And possibly

Sprgr. Erd. o.L’Spur. o.Zerl. (He) 0,120kg 900m/s 11g Pent (18,7g)

Note: Only against ground targets.
(Couldn’t find the correct drawing, the Br.Sprgr. o.L’Spur is basically the same, just different filler with Zink.
Screenshot 2023-09-06 122928
sprgr erd

Pictures:(Click to show)




(Here some of the Vision ports.)

History of the Pz II:

Born of the need to arm a Kleintraktor/Pz I with a 20mm gun the Pz II was mainly an Pz I increased in size, armor and engine power as a stopgap for more tanks available until problems with Pz III and IV production were resolved as well as available in much greater number. Which resulted with it being one of the most common Tank at the start of WW2.

The Pz II was envisioned as a bigger brother to the Pz I with largely the same limitations which also resulted in it being very similar at the beginning, including faults and problems.

The need for a bigger cannon (2 cm) armed tank especially showed its need in the Spanish Civil war when Pz Is went up against T-26, while the S.m.K.H could take out T-26 up to 250m/30°, it didn’t take long for the T-26 crews to just engage from greater range. While the 2 cm Kwk 30 L/50 (or L/55) could still penetrate around 16mm/500m/30° which was enough for T-26s.
After the La.S.100 (First name) the first Pre production trail vehicles were the a, b and c1-3 (yes small letters), then A, B and C, with C the main Production variant, with general improvements and modernizations above the A and B.

The history to the Ausf.C is rather small, it belonged to the 7./La.S.100 Series with 364 produced. It incooperated slight new improvements over the A and B, such as new 90mm Armored glass blocks behind the vision slits (see pictures). It however became the Standart production model, while the Ausf.A and B can be viewed similar to the Pz IIIs Ausf.A-D, beeing more of a test production model. WIth Production beeing from June 1938 to April 1940. The Standart Armor (which started with the Ausf.A) had 14,5-15mm with the rounded transmission front, this was taken over to the Ausf.C however after the polish campain, to make it frontally immune to 2 cm AT guns, bold on armor of additional 14,5-20mm plates in the angular structure as seen in game was added to the hull and turret, often times there were also retrofitted with the new Indirect mirror hatch on the turret, instead of the rectengular 2 part hatch.

The Vehicle:
Pz II Ausf.C

Speed forward / back
AB49 / 10 km/h
RB and SB44 / 9 km/h

Number of gears
6 forward
1 back

Weight 9.1 t

Engine power
AB 267 hp
RB and SB 140 hp

Power-to-weight ratio
AB 29.3 hp/t
RB and SB 15.4 hp/t


Armour Front (Slope angle) Sides Rear Roof
Hull 20 + 14.5 mm (6°) Upper plate
14.5 mm (74°) Upper glacis
20 mm (33°) Lower glacis 14.5 mm 14.5 mm (6°) Upper plates
10 mm (61°) Lower glacis 14.5 mm (16°) Front glacis
15 mm Crew compartment
14.5 mm Rear
10 mm (9°) Engine access panel
5 mm Vents
Turret 14.5 mm (cylindrical) Turret front
14.5 mm (cylindrical) Gun mantlet 14.5 mm (21°) 15 mm (24°) 10 mm (15°) Front

Munition der 2 cm KwK
Pz II Ausf.C Manual
War Thunder Wiki Pz II C


Very nice. Finally we can have a 1.0 Pz II again :3

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