Python 4 still missing from Barak II

i mean prob they gonna add aim9x along with the python 4 and in that case they will ever add python 5? from the same logic pov in order to add python 5 we need equivalent which we dont have atm irl

Key word dev sever atm. The place which has a giant subject to change across the screen.

Warthunder isn’t irl and never will be. It will never be a fully one to one of real life. It is a game and will try to be somewhat balanced (key word somewhat). Go play a simulator game if you don’t want balance and only pure realism.

Wow its almost like most vehicles from a certain time frame are usually close in combat capability? Who would of thunk it? /s
On a more serious tone there are outliers. Why was Mig-23M fighting Phantoms from the 1960s yet it was from the 1970s? Its because the Mig-23M was mid for it time (or downright bad if you take all irl things into account). Capability is how gaijin decides to add things not date. It just so happens usually things close in capability happen to be close in date most of the time.

AIM-9X is actually one of the “worse” late IR missiles, European missiles and PL-10 from China are all around better. And they are comparable to the Python 5.

Israel will most likely get their Python 4’s before the introduction of ImIR missiles though.

Meanwhile we get the MAA-1 which is a dual seeker UV/IR 45g all aspect missile at 11.0


Also not to mention that the Python 4 does not have its variable thrust in game, neither does the derby. So both of them will have significantly worse maneuverability


but i am playing simulator games, in fact both dcs and wt sim.
arcade/realistic are just hell and i play it for casual play, but u cant blame me wanting to play a sim game when there is a game mode in wt called AIR SIM.

and i didnt say anything about BR. i cant do anything with their lacking and pretty old BR system. im talking about the way they are adding new stuff and interdoucing weapon systems.

wanting gaijin to add python 4 is a legitimate request. they will at some point need to do this leap forward and taking in mind that the python 4 is already in the game files for like a year, and the new fox 3 update, or it was just my thought idk.

btw, is think its better to have something and maybe later adjust it a little ( or maybe to counter it with other advanced ir missiles which is win-win for all i guess? more new missiles ) than not just have it.

well ok but at some point there will be always something that far advance than others. will gaijin stop there just n purpose of balance? this is for your all best interests. pushing gaijin into adding more weapons is beneficial for all the community. stop looking at the nation u playing and start looking how to make this game fun and as close as possible to real life. Thats why we playing this game right?

there could be more than tons of solutions to balancing with all the current up to date weapons.
Dump the BR system or at least add it some variables based on weapons load, aircraft cap, etc…
add another game mods/ban weapons from certian game mods

I do play almost every nation and giving one of the nations an IR missile that is virtually unflarable does not make the game more “exciting” or “fun”. IR missiles have practically no hard counter (besides pre-flaring, but that is no way a solution considering the state of Air RB) unlike the radar missiles, remind you. And I could not care about how things work in real life. A game is not balanced according to that, and War Thunder is not a simulator.

In the current state of the game, unless they gimp it heavily, that missile is not coming. And the “solutions” you listed are no way realistic.

Do you mean AAM-3? The R-73 is only slightly worse than the AAM-3 with 5 less Gs.

Sim simply indicates it is more realistic than after mentioned realistic battles not a perfect one to one irl either. Just look at the mess that is ground sim teams. Sweden is on the Allies team in ww2 brs for gods sake.
Plus it being sim doesn’t entitle you to any aircraft or weapon ever made. It entitles you to play whatever gaijin has added in a different game mode and as it turns out additions are mostly based around realistic and arcade, not sim.

Yes. Wanting to add it without any equivalents is not a good request.

Oh my god this is what I was arguing for the whole time. As for adding it without any counters or making it unrealistic uh no. Too many people will complain. See when Aim-54 was added or R-73 on dev server or R-27ER.


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Oh you mean the new prem AMX. Yeah the platform also matters. We have R-73 at 11.0 as well on the Su-25BM and I have yet to hear anyone called that aircraft op.

Everyone was screaming about it when it first came out but nobody plays that thing anymore so people have moved on to screaming about other things


bro this whole discussion is giving me some brain pain, people HOW THE HELL you can compare a dual-waveband seeker which is still a technology from the 80s with a damn IIR Seeker from the late 90s early 00s like the 9X, ASRAAM, IRIS-T have are you serious right now???, man for the love of god people if your problem is that the Python-4 can pull a 180 you are special because right now be have a lot of missiles than can pull a 180 there is no excuses, i literally see the R-27ET doing 180s and that thing have the triple of range that the Python-4 have soo… the problem here if is not soviet or american it could not be added right because thats what i understand right now, bro the Python-4 is a missile from the late 80s early 90s you cant compare it with the real monsters like the 9X, ASRAAM, IRIS-T, PL-10, A-DARTER, etc this is just wrong, i always think about the Python-4 being the “transition missile” to the new era of IR missiles, we literally have the Japanese AAM-3 which IRL uses the same technology that the Python-4 have its and DUAL WAVEBAND SEEKER TOO, and its in game gimped but its there, why we cannot have the Python-4 too a little bit gimped too? whats the problem?, israel is always the last nation to recive his own developed stuff missiles, the ground ordinance is literally inexistent for our jets in game, soo… come on man.


and another thing that annoys me is the damn fact that our F-15C Baz Meshupar right now is a damn copy paste of the american one this is bullshxt, the Baz Mehsupar upgrade program bring a big bunch of stuff that is even in our F-15I Ra´am, the israeli air force wanted to upgrade the older F-15A/B, C/Ds to the standard of the Strike Eagle, sooo gaijin for the love of the damn god do it properly this time.


We even got the MICA-EM with 180 degree capability. What gives?

the MICA-EM, the R-77, the AAM-4, even the Derby can do 180s degree turns, sooo whats the point? at this state is just literally “dont add the Python-4 because its israeli and this nations should not have a little bit better IR missile than USA and Rusia because its israel” aaahhh becareful!!! israel is going to be literally the most broken nation if they add the Python-4 XD come on man hahaha jesus

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Just give it AIM-9M-like flare resistance and it’ll be fine.

for real tho, the AAM-3 uses the same irccm metod that the 9M have but a little tweaks in its code to make it a little bit different i dont see why they cannot do that with the Python-4 bro… the AAM-3 IRL is a real monster in game is not even the half of what it is IRL

Dude, the python 4 is an IR missile, the rest of what you listed radar. Literally the Derby is a Python 4 with an ARH seeker and it’s in the game right now. They also did not add the MICA IR even though the MICA EM is coming.

They are clearly not ready to add the next round of IR missiles in terms of capability. Then MICA IR and such will be added, including python 4. I wouldn’t be surprised it improved IR missiles come in the next major “round” of additions.

Right now you just sound like a nationalist who wants their preferred nation (Israel) to have slightly better stuff and no regard to game progression. Not a great argument.


totally wrong the Derby is based of the Python-4, the Python-4 was developed first and your information is wrong too, because the Python-4 does not have the range of the derby it have more less range, because of the multiple control surfaces it have, much more drag, the motor have less power, all of this implies much less range than the Derby, soo… pls dont missinform people saying the most dumb things ever, because you dont know nothing about israeli stuff, and nationalist my damn ass, dont come with that bullshxt here when the russians and the americans are the most nationalist ones in the game and they want to fxck all the rest of the nations if its possible. soo… go with this bullshxt to another place pls! and for the doubts am not israeli and argentinean you prick. soo…nationalist my balls.