Python 4 still missing from Barak II

It’s time for the Barak II to get it’s historically accurate loadout of Derby and Python 4. Israel needs something unique in the current top tier environment. And it’s not even that much more powerful than the R73.


I honestly agree, Python 4 would be amazing and the F-15 Improved Baz should have access to DERBY and Python-4 as well. Absolutely!


50g missile that can pull a 180 degree turn and has dual-spectrum IRCCM (like a Stinger) not exactly similar to the R-73…


I might hope Python 4 replacement AIM-9M sidewinder on F-16D Block 40 Barak but remove AIM-7M Sparrow only

the 180 turn is true about the python 5. Python 4 loses lock if target gets out of the seeker FOV. Check out the python 4 vs R73 test on youtube. They gave the python 4 its characteristics and compared both of them together


From what I understand, this is accurate.

See this video example:

and more info


We got MICA-EM, why not Python-4?


well whats your point? python 4 is an israeli 4gen IR missile same as the 9m, aam3, r73, etc…
so it can do 180 turn and have dual band seeker head, i mean its not the israeli fault that they just do better missiles.
By your logic lets stay on ww2 era which are not too tech advanced instead of jumping forward.

Every other nation has their own unique missiles, why not give a nation their own missiles?


For a little something called balance. Its not like its integral to the gameplay environment right?


Ok so lets not be historical correct in a game that literally trying to be a simulator from a realistic POV?
remind me what missiles exactly came with the r73 to counter it until they added 9ms?
27er sure a hell of a balance compared to other sarah missiles in game.
does the mica is “balanced” comparing to now other ARH missiles? 50g with thrust vectoring.
i mean srsly the “balance” thing is just funny when realizing that there is no balance right now.
Some missiles are just better. accept that.
As long as other conditions are met like, date of development, and date of first operational appearance, i see no reason not to add those missiles into the game.
i find it funny tryin to imagine a Suriyan mig trying to explain the israeli f15 thats there is no balance in a DF.
How many ppl are playing israel air anyway? like 10% of the players in matches?


It should also be noted that the DERBY missiles have the incorrect amount in there warhead, should be 23kg of explosive not 9kg

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But it isn’t a sim. Plenty of vehicles have rounds they never had irl in game. Plenty of aircraft carry missiles they never carried irl.

Now you get it. Adding superior missiles without analogs creates an unbalanced game. Other missiles being better or unbalanced in the past gives no excuse to add something that is leagues better than its competition now.

I mean yeah? The R-77 should have 40g of maneuverability and while the AIM-120A is probably one of the worst in terms of maneuverability, it has better long range performance than the other missiles. Some will be stronger in other areas than others or have more all round utility.

Not a good excuse. Heck it barely is an argument to begin with.

Never have any of those things ever affected what an aircraft gets in game. There are only two things that affect what an aircraft can get. Can it mount the weapon irl and is the weapon balanced? That’s it.


Cannot balance a weapon made to defeat other weapons. That would defeat the purpose. lets just stay with AIM-9B right?

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No, add equivalents to balance each other. The Python 4 has no equivalent in game currently. So asking for it to be added without equivalents is foolish.


But the equivalents are already here. MICA-EM, R73, R77. Python 4 is just the next step.


Half of those are ARH missiles not IR. The R-73 is not equivalent to the Python 4 as somebody else has already pointed out, as the Python 4 has better ECCM and better maneuverability. R-74 would be a closer comparison as it has similar maneuverability. Not sure about ECCM though.


but the facts are that gaijin never add something with the equivalents to it. see mica.
no other arh missile in this very update are even comparable to the actual performance the mica have in the dev server atm. yes u can say they will nerf when the update goes live but thats the my point.
saying that the python 4 have no equivalent currently in game without realizing that is the whole purpose of air to air combat = always try to be better than the enemy. does it fair ? no. does it realistic? yes.
if ppl wanna play a game thats “FAIR” go play BF, COD or something. ppl who plays war thunder are playing war thunder for a reason. they appreciating the level of detail and realism that presented in war thunder. the historical accuracy ( or at least the dev mindset )

clearly gaijin took a path when adding vehicles and that is by ERA. you can look at the past updates and baiscally the whole devlopmant of war thunder , to see that im right.
all other currently ir missiles we have in game, at least top tier, has interdouced in the 90s. same as python 4

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In my opinion, Python 4 is too much. If Israel had something like a PL-8B, which is a Chinese Python 3 fitted with a seeker that is resistant to infrared interference, I would welcome it with no issues.

Python 4 though, on top of utilizing a superior method of IRCCM to all missiles that currently exist in the game, is kinetically better than all but MAYBE the R-73. And I believe it would have much better range than a R-73.

Yes, you can’t have “perfect balance” at all times, I agree with that. But effort still has to be made to keep the already fragile ARB environment healthy. + It is not like Israel is suffering without them, they are not comparable to MICA EM’s. Those were the only missile France could get on their Mirages. And well, those are radar homing missiles.


What? All the short range IR IRCCM missiles currently in game have introduction dates ranging from 1980-85.