Python 3 = AIM-9M, Seriously?

Netz, 6 Python 3s, 12.3 in ARB


F-16A(Belgium), 6 AIM-9Ms, 12.3 in ARB


So… Is Gaijin thinks no IRCCM 40G missile = IRCCM 30G missile? 9M have no-smoke engine, and IRCCM will helps it got kill easily, while Python flys and turns slowly in fact, and 40G means it will be more easliy to be flared (like on JH-7A PL-8 will fly to flare but PL-5B cant turn so much so it will hit the target)…
I think all of Python 3 carriers(without Kurnass 2000) have too high BR because Python is just a 9L with higher overload, not a IRCCM mighty missile like R-73 and Magic 2


The only reason it was put at 12.3 in the first place was its superior engine performance and the python being relatively good for the time. This has long since passed, and the lack of radar missiles makes is a 12.0 aircraft imo.

Honestly I think the Belgian 16A should be 12.7

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Still would be better than other 16a with 9l so it should stay at 12.3

Oh no, there’s a few little F-16 variants (used in game for air to ground capabilities) that also lack radar capabilities, this changes everything!1!1!1!

It doesn’t, it’s still an underpowered and underperforming platform for its BR and capabilities. Lacking SARH makes it horrendous to play at 12.3 with its lack of countermeasures (it should have 120 historically, open bug report) lack SARH, and lack of IRCCM.

So there should be a 16a that’s just better than the others at the same BR? Seems a lil biased

Honestly if there’s a choice to change J-8F’s PL-8 into PL-5C to move it to 12.0, I’ll agree it
And same for Taiwan F-16AM receive it’s historicial 9M to 12.7

You have any idea how many examples of that we have in-game?

And that makes it ok? It shouldn’t be any better than the American F-16A or any other early F-16

Then we should have 13.3 and 13.7 for top planes

Or just buff the other f-16 somehow to be on par lol

Yet the ADF is already better than it and also at the same BR. Brother, use your brain.

ADF trades CAS for A2A at least, and the fox 1 aren’t very good anyways

Cas doesn’t matter in ARB, we have separate battle ratings for that problem now. Disregard this entirely please as it isn’t quite relevant. Fox 1’s, even at this BR, can still easily get kills. Sure they’re sparrows, but they’re fine if you know how to use em right. I’d take a sparrow over 2 python 3’s.

With 9L and 7M, the ADF at least sacrifices its ability to strike bases at all, and 9L is a pretty mediocre missile. Meanwhile, the python 3 is a pretty potent missile, on a great airframe which is more optimized for IR brawls, where the ADF just has a worse airframe and worse missiles

thats gaijin for you, j8f is the only 12.3, the single only 12.3 to not have irccm capable missiles

Doesn’t it have the good Chinese arh?

J-8 frame + 2xPL-12 = F-16A frame without radar missile
honestly it’s almost the worst BR12+ vehicle in game
And still have stock PL-5B now

I think it’s ok at 12.3 since it can get sucked into 11.3 premium user games where it has basically 2 free kills and 4 more semi easy ones cuz it has decent airframe. Also the ARH harriers are at 12.3 as well, j8f at least a dedicated fighter platform

Striking bases is absolutely pointless and useless unless you’re grinding rp as an idiot F-4S player, or stock grinding. It has no effect on the outcome of the game and determining who wins.
Potent mission huh? It’s just a faster accelerating Aim-9L (it has the exact same seeker in the files). If anyone knows you’re there or that you fired it, its gets flared 9 times out of 10 depending on the launch and platform you launched against. It also has a very similar turning radius comparable to the 9L, it’s just that it travels faster and pulls more G’s while doing so.